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Trip to Pisa

As far as tours in the Tuscany region in the industry of tourism in Italy are concerned, the name of Pisa definitely comes to the very forefront because of all its historical importance. There are many things that this city has to offer to the tourists while they go for the trip to Pisa. There are several travel agencies that operate in this city and they are the most helpful agencies which take all the required responsibilities to take the tourists to the sightseeing in Pisa. Most of the places to visit in Pisa are related to the history of this country whereas some are also related to the natural beauty which is vastly present over here.

The essence of Mediterranean culture is also something which one cannot avoid soaking into. Apart from all these the name of Pisa is also important for being the capital of the province under the same name.

King's Square is one of the main sights which are interesting over here. This place is famous for the designing art of Giorgio Vasari. The facade of the building is very impressive to all the people who come here. St. Francis church is also another important destination in this city. There are all kinds of transportation easily available from all the major parts of the city and this is why the people coming for the trip to Pisa scarcely face any problem regarding the sightseeing in this place. There are several works in this place that are done by some of the legendary artists in the history of Italy. Among them the mentionable ones are Jacopo da Empoli, Santi di Tito and many others as well.

St. Sixtus church is a smaller place but worth visiting because of the historical facts that are related to this place. You can also go to the oldest botanical garden in this place which is known by the name of Orto botanico di Pisa. Borgo Stretto is one of the famous neighborhood of this place and this is important for the historical evidences of this place which are related to the Medieval Age. There are some of the most important architectural patterns that are located over here.

Some of the museums are very important for the display of the historical evidences that are preserved there. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous things over here and thereby this place is definitely one of the greatest attractions for the tourists coming here in a trip to Pisa. One of the main universities in Italy, the University of Pisa is also located in this city and this is a center of attraction for all the students coming from all over the world.

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