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Trip to Turin

Turin is one of the big cities in Italy. A visit to Turin will give you the chance of seeing many places of attractions. Places of attractions located in Turin are both medieval sights and also the modern attractions. Turin was the sight of 2006 winter Olympic. At that time many tourists cam at Turin to watch the spectacular sight of the most famous winter game of the world. A trip to Turin is always enjoyable as you can complete this trip quite easily without facing any difficulty. This city of Turin has a very good rail network and road network. This improved facility of communication has made the trip to Turin a cakewalk for the visitors.

On your trip to Turin you will see a few places of attractions. A tourist set out to accomplish the trip to Turin will see a few museums located in many parts of the city. One of such museums is Museo Egizio. This museum of Egypt is also a repository of Egyptian art works. A good number of antique works collected from the museum in Cairo is kept in this museum in Turin. You can also find a few very magnificient buildings on your trip to Turin. On of such magnificent buildings is Savoy Residences. In this famous building in Turin a serious student of archeology will find a few very interesting architectural elements which bear the essential features of the Italian architecture.

On your trip to Turin you can see a few very magnificent churches in the different parts of the city of Turin.

One of the very famous churches in Turin include basilica church of Superga. This church is situated at the backdrop of the snow covered Alps mountain. During your trip to Turin do not forget to take a wonderful view of the city of Turin from this famous church in Turin. The neighboring grave yard of the basilica church of Superga was the famous churchyard where a few great kings and royal men of Sardinia were buried.

During your trip to Turin do not forget to visit the famous building of Mole Antoonelliana. This is a building constructed in the year 1863. This is the present site of National Cinema Museum. A trip to Turin will take you to many sites famous for the outdoor sites of film shooting. Many famous Italian films were shoots in the outdoor setting of this famous Italian city.

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