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Trip to Venice

A trip to Venice is entirely different from the trips to any other cities of the continent of Europe. Venice is a city which is accessible mostly by the water ways. Gondola or the Italian country boats are available to take you to the different parts of the city. Every year a good number of tourists come to enjoy the trip to Venice from various parts of the world. One can see a few landmarks in this city during one's trip to Venice. During your trip to Venice you can see a few very beautifully decorated public places. One of such public place is St Mark's Square.

This square is the principal square of Vennice. This space in Venice is one of the most popular places of public meetings in the continent. It is often said that St Mark's Square is one of the public places in Europe where the voice of man often supersedes over the voice of vehicular traffic.

On your trip to Venice you will encounter the word piazza. This is one of the very commonly used word in Italy which means an urban space used for public meetings. The famous piazza of St, Marks Square is surrounded by waterways. During your trip to Turin you will visit Piazza San Marco. This is one of the very popular pizzas of Venice.

This piazza in Venice is known for the regular gathering of the tourists and photographers. A good number of pigeons also live near this public place in Venice.

On your trip to Venice you will see a few palaces and other magnificent buildings in the different parts of this water-bound city. Scuola Grande di San Marco is one of the great palaces located in the Venice.

At the beginning this palace was the home of one of the six principal Scuole Grandi of Venice Sodalities of Venice. During your trip to Venice do not miss to visit this magnificent building. During your visit to Scuola Grande di San Marco you will also see Campo San Giovanni one of the spacious squares located in this city. This magnificent building was established in the year 1260 by the Confraternity of San Marco. This magnificent building was destroyed by a devastating fire in the year in the year 1485. This magnificent building was again rebuilt after it was totally gutted by fire. On your trip to Venice you will never face any problem of accommodation as this city offers a few luxurious hotels to the visitors.

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