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Trip to Verona

Verona is one of the major cities of Italy. This city is located in the Italian province of Verona. This city is is located in the Veneto region of Italy. Verona is a historical city which ahs a population of more than 2.5 million people. From the geographic point of view this city in Italy is located at a loop of the river Adige. On your trip to Verona you will get chance to see the famous Lake Garda. The location of this city in Italy has made it prone to flooding. In the year 1956 a tunnel was constructed to save the city from the hand of flooding.

This tunnel known as Mori-Torbole tunnel was constructed to discharge 500 cc of water from the river into the lake Garda. Presently your trip to Verona has become free from hazard as the chance of flooding has been reduced to a great extent in this city in Italy.

On your trip to Verona do not miss to attend the famous Natural History Museum. This Museum in Verona is the storehouse of different valuable collections. Valuable collections in the Natural History Museum in Verona include different fossils and archaeological products unearthed from the different parts of the continent of Europe. During your trip to Verona do not miss to visit the famous Castelvecchio Museum one of the famous storehouses of various types of art works. The valuable art works preserved in this museum include statues, paintings and sculptures. The house of this museum is a very grand building made in the middle part of the 14rth century. This magnificent building was restored by the famous architect Carlo Scarpa.

Italy is famous for its soccer team. A soccer lover can see spectacular soccer matches in the different stadiums of this city during his or her trip to Verona.

A tourist visiting the different cities in Europe will see a few magnificently built churches. Verona is also no exception. During your trip to Verona you can see a few magnificently built churches scattered all over the city of Verona. One of such church is Sant'Anastasia. This church in Verona has a very big structure. It took many years to build this church in the city of Verona. On your trip to Verona you will also see the famous Santa Maria Antica a magnificently built church. This church acted as the parish church of the Scaligeri community. The interior design of this church is really eye catching.

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