Aglona is one of the villages in Preilu Rajons, Latvia. This village is situated at about forty kilometers in the northeastern parts of the city of Daugavpils. Aglona is well known in Latvia and in various other places for its basilica, which is the most important and famous Catholic Church in the entire country and it was once visited by the Pope John Paul II. This church attracts a large number of pilgrims each year on the day of the Assumption of Mary, which is in the 15th of August. This beautiful village is situated on the narrow strip of landmass between the lakes Egles and Ciriss.

The present day village is a result of three different settlements. These settlements are Aglona, Jaunciems and Somerseta.

The bewitching scenic beauty of the vicinity attracts a number of tourists every summer. The Sacrifice Island, which is very close to it, the Madelanu Castle Mound and the Devil's Lake form the major attractive places in Latvia. The pine forest in the surrounding has undergone excessive logging in these years, which damaged to some extent their once pure quality. It has been observed that most of the families from Russia prefer to spend their summer vacations in the countryside near Aglona. The scenic beauty and serenity of the vicinity of this destination is sure to mesmerize you while you go for a holiday tour to Aglona.

The Church in Aglona celebrated its 200th anniversary in the year 1980 and was officially bestowed with the status of a Basilica by the Pope John Paul II. In the year 1986 the Church observed with much glamour the 800th anniversary of Christianity in Latvia. In the year 1992 a major renovation of the Basilica and the elaboration of the church grounds was begun in planning for the visit of the Pope. When Pope John Paul II visited the Shrine in the month of September 1993 over 300,000 pilgrims gathered there to get a glimpse of Pope John Paul II and get his blessings.

If you are interested to visit Aglona then some of the information about the place will help you. Aglona is about twenty-five kilometers from the southeast of Preili and it is at a distance of 40 kilometers northeast of Daugavpils. Train service is also available and you can avail the services of the railway to visit this place. You can board a train from Riga to Daugavpils and from Daugavpils you can take a taxi or bus to get to Aglona. There are various hotels and restaurants, which provide the best luxurious accommodations and cater to your tastes with delicious cuisines respectively. To get more information about Aglona browse through the pages of