Cesis is a beautiful town in Latvia which is located in the Central upland of Vidzeme. This unique town lies in the northern part of the country. Situated on the Gauja River, you will find a lot of hillocks along with a large number of terraces. The terraces overlook the breathtaking blue woods which is the main attraction of this ancient river valley. The town is the capital of Cesis County. This town came into existence in the second half of the 13th Century, which is also known as Cesis District.

Covering an area of 19.280 sq km the town has a population of 18,065 and it falls under the time zone of EET (UTC+2). There are around 11 council members who help in the ruling and the governance of the town.

During the 13th century when the Cesis town was planned, there was a market place as well as Church in the center of the town. The residential area of the Cesis town was dominated by the Stone Castle which was of the Livonian Order. It also had other three fortified castles as well. In the earlier times, the town was also fortified by dolomite stone walls which had eight towers and five gates. While you are traveling to Latvia, if you visit Cesis the attractions like St. John's Church, Ruins of the Order Castle, Castle of Cesis as well as the ruins of the fortification of the walls of Valnu and Palasta Street will attract your attention. The travelers also have the privilege to know a lot about the ancient road network and building plots which were a specialty of this place in the medieval times.

In the 19th century, Cesis as a town developed a lot. This development included the construction of the highway of Riga Pskov as well as the Riga Valka Railway line. Besides this, the main street of Raunas was also developed as it leads to the Railway Station. The visitors will also find the presentable Lativian Society House in the Raunas Street, The Building of The regional Court at the 14 Raunas Street and various other important buildings.

One of the main attractions of Cesis is the Castle of Cesis. The reputation of Cesis in Latvia is much due to the oldest settlement in Cesis on the Riekstu hill.

The castle of Cesis was built by a tribe which is known as Vends. This is a fortified wooden castle which is situated on an 18 meter high mound. This place is also known as Castle Park and is also a partly preserved fortification system. All the major trade routes from West to East pass through this place. As you venture out on traveling to Europe, this city of Latvia will offer you a pleasant surprise.