Latvia Cuisines

Latvia is a small North-European country located in the Baltic region of the Continent. Latvia is famous for many things and among other attractions in Latvia, Latvia cuisines are famous for their delicious taste. The typical feature of Latvia cuisines are these are made of a few agricultural products and also of meat. Latvia is located at the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Vicinity of the sea water has made the various seafood items very popular in this Baltic country. So it is quite natural that different types of tasty fishes will contribute a significant part of the Latvia cuisines. Different types of fish are eaten by the people of Latvia either as fry or in the curry.

A careful observation will bring out a few striking similarity between the cuisines of Latvia with that of the countries located in the neighborhood of Latvia. Latvia cuisines are generally made of the ingredients very commonly found in this country. The most commonly used ingredients in Latvia cuisines include onions, cabbages, barley,wheat and potatoes.

The non-vegetarian ingredients found in the Latvia cuisine include pork and eggs. Latvia is a very cold country and the citizens of this country need some extra calorie to fight the severe cold. The supply of this extra calorie is met by the consumption of fatty foods like bacon. Bacon is one of the favorite food items for the of the people of Latvia. They tend to consume fried pieces of bacon with delicious boiled gray peas. One of the most conventional foods in Latvia include ham.

Cheese is one of the very popular foods in Latvia. Cheese is generally eaten by the people of all cold countries. Latvia also has its own cheeses. The traditional cheese of Latvia is known as Kimenu Siers. This traditional cheese of Latvia give its eaters extra power. Kimenu Siers is also known as caraway cheese. Kimenu Siers is generally taken at the time of the major festivals of Latvia. Jani a festival celebrated at midsummer will never be celebrated in Latvia without Kimenu Siers. Other famous dishes in Latvia include rasols (Potato salad) borshch (beet soup) including the sauerkraut. Sauerkraut is a food prepared with very finely sliced cabbages. These slices of cabbages are fermented with the aid of various types of bacteria and the fermented product is eaten with savor. Visit Latvia and enjoy the unforgettable taste of Latvia cuisines. Know more about the interesting Latvia cuisines as gives information about the same.