Famous Places in Latvia

Latvia is one of the best countries in Europe. You would be really surprised to witness its magnificence on your visit to the famous places in Latvia. Here are some of the prime destinations for you plan your vacation.

Places to visit in Latvia

Cesis - This is one of the historical spots in Latvia which epitomizes the perfect Latvian architecture and its heritage buildings. Make your romantic venture to this incredibly beautiful city of Latvia. The streets are lined with ancient tan buildings, stone constructions and crumbling castles are totally a breathtaking experience.

The countryside view and murky lakes are prime attraction in Latvia. Enjoy the green meadows and lush landscapes that make the walking in the streets a wonderful feeling. The open air concerts held during the summers is one of the main attractions.

Daugavpils - This is the second largest city of Latvia. One of the ancient city which dates back from 1275 and is one of the worth watching famous places in Latvia. You can find the real country lifestyle when you visit Daugavpils.

Kolka and Cape Kolka - The journey to Kolka itself is very beautiful. Explore the Gulf of Riga, northerly villages and beaches. The Gulf is the prime destination in Latvia as; it is the dividing segment of the Gulf and the Baltic Sea. The Cape is the spot where the line of beach and dunes changes directions.

You can also explore the wooden chalets facing the sea, places to pitch tents and camping over night. Kolka would be a splendid stay if you are planning sightseeing in Latvia.

Eastern Latvia - This part of Latvia is most visited spot in Latvia as, you can witness the Gauja national Park which is known as the paradise of Europe. There are lots of fun things to do like hiking, canoeing, mountaineering, biking, fishing and skiing. The region is adorned with medieval castles and wildlife beauty.

Jurmala - Go on the tour of French reverie on the sea shores of Jurmala. This tiny town lined with resorts that stretches over 20kms along the western coast of Riga. You can take in the fresh air and experience the relaxed atmosphere in Jurmala.

It is a fact that during the soviet times more than 300,000 visitors used to visit this Latvian destination as, it was full of holiday homes, boarding houses and sanatoriums. Today, it is known for its fresh golden beaches, azure water, pine woods and streets lined with wooden houses.

Riga - One of the pristine places worth visiting in Latvia is the pride of Baltics. The city is fun and vibrant that attracts maximum tourism. You can explore the serene Tallinn and Vilnius for its impressive Art Nouveau architecture.

This is the capital of Latvia and is one of the largest cities in the Baltic States. Riga was once the trading hub between Eastern and Western Europe. The city is center for colossal heritage buildings, architectural magnificence and national museums.

Other famous places in Latvia

  • Liepaja
  • Riga
  • Sigulda
  • Talsi & Around
  • Ventspils
  • Western Latvia

Hope you plan your visit to all the famous places in Latvia smartly so that you don't miss any of the spots on your Europe trip.