Jurmala is an important city in Latvia which has is not too far off from Riga. The term "Jurmala" means a beach or seaside. For the tourists who visit Latvia, this is a beach resort town spread over 32 kilometers and is situated in the middle of the Gulf of Riga and the River of Lielupe. Earlier, this was a city of the Soviet Union and was visited by the Communist Party Officials. In this city of Latvia, you will find a lot of beach houses, hotel spa complexes, long beaches as well as romantic wooden houses.

The city of Jurmala is also popularly known as Yurmala and you can reach this place by bus or train from Riga as well.

In terms of geography, the location of Jurmala is 56�58'N, 23�45'E. The Mayor of Jurmala is Raimonds Munkevics and the city has 15 city council members. Gifted with an area of 100 km� the city boasts of its population of around 60,000. The history of Jurmala in Latvia is also interesting. This city was earlier a part of the city of Riga and was known as Rigas Jurmala. From the earlier times, some parts of Jurmala such as Sloka and Kemeri were known as popular health resorts. The Germans were the frequent visitors of this place and in German this place was known as Riga-Strad or the "Beach of Riga".

In the present time, there are very few cities in Latvia where you will find a wide range of resorts. On traveling to Latvia, you will find some popular resorts including Pumpuri, Kemeri, Sloka, Kauguri, Vaivari, Asari, Dubulti, Majori, and Lielupe. When Jurmala was a part of the Soviet Union, it was known for the beaches and sanatoriums which was visited by a large number of politicians from time to time. There are a large number of spas located here which mud baths, riding therapy as well as hiking in the woods. The Russian army officers used to come here for the healing process after they fought a war. Jurmala has a pristine beach which is 33 km long and is known for its white sands. According to a large number of people, this is one of the finest beaches of Europe and is also a safe beach for the children. Finding beaches is not uncommon, especially while you are traveling to Europe. The beach is well equipped with playgrounds for children, football fields, volleyball courts and small benches. You will also get prams and wheelchairs here. The beach goers can also rent yachts, cutters, water skies as well as water motorcycles from the Yacht Club situated here. Being gifted with all sorts of attractions, the town stands out from its other counterparts.