Situated in the western part of Latvia, Kuldiga is the center of the Kuldigas County. The location of Kuldigas geographically is 56�58'N, 21�58'E. In German, the city of Kuldigas is known as Goldingen. The city is also a part of the Kuldiga District. There is not much of population pressure in the country as the population is hardly more than 15,000. The experience of traveling to Latvia will be a different one, as you venture out to travel to this city. The reference of Kuldiga is first found in the year 1242 and it joined in the Hanseatic League in the year 1368.

It should also be noted that during the 17th century, Kuldiga was one of the capitals of the Duchy of Courland.

This city of Latvia has always attracted people for different reasons and one of the reasons among these is the Ventas rumba. This is a 240 meter wide waterfall created naturally. This waterfall is considered to be one of the widest waterfalls in Europe as well. The synagogue is the largest buildings in Kuldiga and is also known as an important tourist attraction. This place is famous for its splendorous interior of minute marble work. You will get documents regarding the construction of this synagogue in the Jewish language in the Kuldiga District Museum. This piece of architecture was built during the rule of Alexander II and is still considered a part of different Jewish activity.

Besides this religious site, where lot of Jews comes to visit regularly, the city ahs lot more to boast of. The synagogue is the living witness of the constant wars befell on this city. If you have planned to spend your vacation in Kuldiga, make sure that you are not missing out on the other attractions. As traveling to Europe is always accompanied by several unique attractions, same is the case with this city. The visitors will have plenty of scope to tour around the city and explore its hidden beauties.

At present, the city has a large number of attractions which will make you look forward to visit the city. The reputation of Kuldiga in Latvia lies much due to its wide range of tourist destinations including several ancient architectures. During your tour to Kuldiga, the city will invite you to have a fine time in the night clubs. The tourists expect to participate in the annual events taking place all the year round. There is absolutely no dearth of hotels and resorts for offering you well-equipped accommodation facilities.