Restaurants in Latvia

On your visit to the finest restaurants in Latvia you would surely enjoy the gourmet dining option with varied choice of Korean and Latvian cuisines. Red meat is the major attraction and highly recommend menu item. It comes with a creamy layer of sauces and is combined with warming stews.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Latvia which are not only international acclaimed but, are known for the excellent meals and ambience.

Famous food joints in Latvia

Alus Arsenals - If you want to taste the local specialties of Riga then Alus is the right choice. The ambience is very nice with comfortable seating arrangement. Food is not to mention; the excellent quality with the widest variety and combinations. It is undoubtedly the best choice for family dinner and hangouts.

The service of the staff is very good with soothing music. You can enjoy the best collection of music to match with your Latvian dinner night.

Pelmeni XL - The very famous Latvia Restaurant which is located in Riga's old city street side. This is one of the very happening and sparkling atmosphere that would surely impress you. The interiors d�cor is very beautiful with all the modern styling and equipments.

The walls are adorned with white and orange mosaic which gives it a very vibrant feeling. The tables are matching with walls and they are in light orange. You can find more of college students, youth and travelers coming to this place.

Binge on some of the best Latvian cuisines and fill your tray with hot dumplings, fresh salads and sea foods. It is self service food joint and the best part is that it is highly affordable.

Soraksans - The restaurant was named after the best known National park of Korea. It is located in old town near the Dome Square on Miesnieku. The prices are highly reasonable making it the best eat outs in Latvia. Some of the very famous menu items are Korean sushi, sea food, kimchi and many other vegetarian dishes.

Menu specialties in Latvia

  • Skabu kapostu zupa (cabbage soup)
  • Alexander Torte (raspberry- or cranberry-filled pastry strips)
  • Piragi (pastry filled with bacon and onions)
  • Sweetbread soup with dried fruit
  • Kotletes (meat patties)

Special drinks in Latvia

  • Riga Balsam - The most famous drink is the Riga's Black Balsam which is thick in nature. It is black colored alcohol which is produced and is specialty of Latvia since 1700s. The recipe is a complete secret till date but, some of the ingredients include - oak bark, ginger, bitter orange peel and cognac. It is usually consumed with coffee or vodka.

  • Local beers are also very popular - Cesu, Aldaris, Bauskas Tumsais and Gaisais.

  • Kvass is another drink which is widely liked and produced by the local brewers. It is made of grains in the early stages of fermentation and is usually consumed during the summers.

  • Wine is also very famous.