Sightseeing in Latvia

Europe is one of the highly visited places in the whole world. On your tour to Europe you would surely love to visit Latvia. Here is comprehensive detail of some of the best sightseeing in Latvia for you make your trip more memorable.

Major destinations in Latvia

  • Cesis
  • Riga
  • Daugavpils
  • Kolka and Cape Kolka
  • Eastern and Western Latvia
  • Jurmala
  • Liepaja
  • Sigulda
  • Talsi & Around
  • Ventspils

Dom Cathedral - This pristine destination in Latvia is located in Riga. This is one of the ancient places that date backs to 1211. It is also known as the red brick Dome Protestant Cathedral and prides to be the historical heritage of Europe.

The Cathedral is situated on the western part of Daugava River. It is built of more than 6500 pipes and is of 1844 constructions. You would be astounded to see the stained glass windows and snowy white interiors.

Enjoy the concerts and choir that is held in the cathedral and take pleasure of the musical performances. The entry is absolutely free making it the best for sightseeing in Latvia.

Riga Castle - This ancient castle was built in 1330 as, the residence of Livonian Order. It is known for its distinctive styled yellow walls which was destroyed and re-built over the period of time.

Presently, it serves as the office and residence for the Latvian President and is also Museum of Foreign Art. It is also the center of Rainis Museum of Literature and art history. The castle is open for public viewing all the seven days of week.

Open Air Ethnographic Museum - This museum is the perfect example for Latvian traditional lifestyle. It is sprawled over 247 acres and consists fishing villages, farmhouses, exotic windmills and many other heritage buildings for public viewing.

On your Latvian sightseeing you can witness the artifacts, craftsmen at work, traditional Latvian cooking and you can also explore the history.

Central Market - This Market is the oldest places to visit in Latvia. It was established in the year 1201. You can shop till you drop on your visit to Latvia. Fresh fruit, vegetables, wine, liquors, cheese and apparels are some of the famous things worth shopping here.

The market was originally the residence for several World War II hangers. The market is shifted many times and still remains one of the best shopping center in Latvia.

Turaida Museum Reserve - One of the most popular spots in Latvia and deems to be the prime tourist destination for many travelers. The exquisite landscapes surrounding this museum are worth watching. You can also explore the stunning sculpture that adorns this museum.

Rundale palace - The Rastrelli's Rundale palace is truly one of the most famous sightseeing in Latvia. The spot is exquisitely breathtaking experience for those you love historical heritage and ancient architectural constructions.

On your visit don't miss the baroque and the rococo masterpiece which is the main attraction of most of the tourists.

Don't miss the best spots while you are a planning sightseeing in Latvia.