Things to do in Latvia

Travel to Europe and explore the fun things to do Latvia with your near and dear one. Make your trip more exciting and adventure by trying out some outdoor activities like boating, bird watching and hiking.

Here are some of the really thrilling things to do in Latvia. You can visit the Ethnographic Open Air Museum or juts relax yourself on the shores of blue lakes.

Outdoor Latvia activities

Cape Kolka - Your search for adventure comes to end when you come to Cape Kolka. The beaches are totally breathtaking with the amazing sunset and golden sandy shore. The Slitere National Park is one of the best spots on the Baltic Sea shore and the Gulf of Riga, not to miss. Your visit to Cape Kolka would be undoubtedly one of the fun activities to do in Latvia.

Hiking - Looking for some excitement? Hiking is the best option for you. There are lots of the exciting things to do in Latvia. This beautiful land is known for its rivers, forests and landscapes. It is characterized as one of the wetlands and the highest point is the Vidzeme Uplands. It is 311 m high and makes an incredible spot for hiking.

You would be much impressed by the untouched beauty of the exotic landscapes that encourages lot of outdoor Latvia activities. Summer are the best suitable season for you to plan you adventure trip in Latvia.

Gauja National park which is located 32kms north of Riga between the Valmiera and the Sigulda are country's largest protected National Park area. It sprawls over an area of 94 kms around the River Gauja. Some of the major attractions are - the mysterious caves, hilly rocks, dense woods and lush green meadows.

Wildlife is another reason for which you can plan your Latvia things to do. Deer, Elk, brown bears and wolves are some to mention. The nature brings its best to you and you would be definitely amazed while you wade through the thick jungles.

The Kemeri National Park is another interesting spot of Latvia. Other hiking spots are the Amber Trail which runs along the westerns coast of Courland.

Bird watching- The wetlands and the traditional farmlands makes it really pleasant bird watching in Latvia. You can find unique and rare species of birds on your fun things to do in Latvia. The green meadows, lush pastures and corncrake habitat are some of the stunning attractions in Europe.

You can witness the white storks near the agricultural regions and the red throated divers. Slavonian grebes that breed in the fresh open water are worth watching. The forest includes rarest species of birds that consists - hazelhens, black storks, pygmy owls and three toed woodpeckers.

Water sports - Your love for water sports in Latvia can be fulfilled once you explore the best lakes and rivers. The River Gauja is very famous for boating. The river side is lines up with refreshment centers and accommodations for you to plan camp fire and overnight stay.

Canoeing is definitely one of the fun things to do in Latvia; you can hit the gushing Abava River, Gauja and Salaca River for some adventure ride. The regions near Latgale Lake are also very popular. Fishing of perch, pike, eel, salmon and herring can make interesting weekend stay for you.

Hope you not only enjoy the famous places but also indulge into some thrilling things to do in Latvia.