Trip to Riga

The Latvian capital of Riga is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. This is situated between the Baltic Sea and River Daugava. A trip to Riga is considered of prime importance, owing to the location of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are a large number of tourist sites which form a part of your trip to Riga. Besides being a major cultural hub, the city is gifted with a list of attractions rendering the aesthetic pleasure. You will know a lot about the country of Latvia once you venture out on a tour to Riga. Like many other Latvian cities, it has a rich collection of architectures which are all magnificent and impeccable.

Trip to Riga is really worth undertaking as you will get to see some of the best examples of art and architecture here. The Doma Cathedral, which was built in the 13th century, is noted as the largest church in the Baltic States. This repeatedly renovated church houses a magnificent organ which as old as 1844. Riga Castle is also an important site which has the Museum of Latvian History and the Museum of Foreign Art. Another major tourist attraction in Riga is the St. Peter's Church which has 123 m (404 ft) high tower. The St. John's Church is a small 13th-century chapel which is located beyond the St. Peter's Church.

The availability of cheap and frequent local transports is a major factor that attracts people for traveling to Europe. The city of Riga is also gifted with a good transport network for the convenience of the travelers. The Powder Tower is the only tower that is remaining from the original city walls which is also a part of the trip to Riga. The Latvian Museum of War is located inside this tower. The wooden architecture of the open air museum is also an attraction of this place. The Occupation Museum of Latvia is another attraction which helps us to know about the seizure and occupation of Latvia by different forces from the years 1940 to 1991.

Statue of a cat located on the top of a roof in the Old TownArt Nouveau architecture on Central Riga streets such as Alberta and Elizabetes Iela are also some of the attractions in Riga which are indispensable during the trip to Riga. The Riga Radio and TV Tower are the major attractions along with Motormuzejs. The collection of retro automobiles including Brezhnev's and Stalin's limousines with waxworks of these political figures is really remarkable. Apart from these, the visitors can visit the Riga Zoo and Me�aparks (Forest Park). The Domina Shopping Centre which is the largest shopping centre in the Baltic States attracts the shopping lovers all over the world.