Trip to Sigulda

Latvia and its towns and cities are known for their tourist attractions, peaceful locales and pristine beaches. Sigulda is one of the cities in Latvia which are located in the Vidzeme Region. This city is 53 km away from Riga, the capital city of Lata. A trip to Silgulda is a must if you are traveling to Latvia. Once you visit this place, you will be mesmerized by the peacefulness and tranquility that surrounds it. The fresh and genteel ambiance of the city has a magical effect on the visitors. This is one of the top romantic destinations visited by the honeymoon couples.

When you go for a trip to Sigulda, you will enjoy seeing the primeval Gauja river valley which is a major tourist attraction here. A large number of reddish devon sandstones here has contributed in the formation of caves and steep rocks on the banks of the rivers. The city of Sigulda is popularly known as "Switzerland of Vidzeme" as well. There are lots of public monuments and parks which are must visit on your trip to Sigulda. This has made this place popular with the tourists. The conservation of the parks and monuments are also supported by the town council. Touring Sigulda will make you observe some rare attractions.

Being a part of the traditional Opera Music Festival, taking place in every summer is a wonderful experience. This is one of the noted events of this place. A Town Festival is celebrated in the month of May. This is the time when cherry trees blossom. You will find the best of Sigulda in the autumn. Some of the popular activities which must also be included as a part of trip to Sigulda include skiing, bobsledding, and the luge. This is especially popular in the wintertime. The travelers can try out on bungee jumping which is quite common in your traveling to Europe.

The Gutmanis Cave is also a part of the trip to Sigulda and is halfway between Sigulda and Turaida Castle. You will also find a little creek flowing through this region. This is also the largest cave in the Baltic Region which measures 19 m deep, 12 m wide and 10 m high. The cave has inscriptions from the 17th century. The drinking water available here is supposed to be healthy and enhances one's lifespan. From here you may climb the hills and take a ride of the cable car over the river valley.