Wildlife Holidays in Latvia

The North-European country Latvia offers a few places of tourist attractions. Tourist attractions in Latvia include both natural attractions and also the man made attractions. Among many other types of holidays wildlife holidays are also very much enjoyable in many parts of Latvia. Wildlife holidays in Latvia are often sought after by the adventure tourists as the tourists get a chance to become acquainted with the landscapes of the country. Latvia's country paths are so beautiful that if you walk a certain distant on the village pathways your mind will be filled with extreme joy.

Wildlife holidays in Latvia include visit to the different national parks in Latvia. Among the national parks in Latvia Gauja national Park is famous for its wonderful surroundings. During your wildlife holidays in Latvia You can take part in many types of activities. These are the adventurous activities like hiking, canoeing and also the cycling. During your wildlife holidays in Latvia you can take part in an activity like hiking. Hiking along the Ligatne nature trail is very much different. During this hiking you can see the animals kept in the fenced off parts of the national park. Wild animals on your hiking tour is really very rare. Hiking can be done in many parts of the world but in very cases the hikers get the opportunity to see the wild animals from a safe distance.

In this respect the wildlife holidays in Latvia is different from other wildlife holidays of other parts of the world. Wildlife holidays in Latvia also include canoe tour on the river Gauja. River Gauja mis one of the main rivers in Latvia. On this river a lover of adventurous sports can practice canoeing. Canoeing can be enjoyed at a certain part of the river Gauja. This can be best enjoyed on a 21 km stretch of river located between Ligatne and Sigulda. Wildlife holidays in Latvia include journey to the bogs, lakes and also to the forests.

Wildlife holidays in Latvia include a visit to the Lubans Lake a beautiful wetland located on the western part of the region. Many types of rare birds are visible if you visit Lubans Lake. Visitors can also see the famous

white-tailed Eagle here in Lubans Lake. These birds are beautiful for their adornigly spotted body. Wildlife holidays in Latvia also include visit to Kemeri National Park located near Latvia's capital Riga. Read through the pages of Europetravelhub.com offering detailed information about information on wildlife holidays in Latvia.