Luxembourg Cuisines

The Luxembourg cuisines are a blend of several international influences, with some of the most popular ones being those of French and German, followed by Italian and Portuguese, among others. Whether you are dining out or have been invited to someone's place, eating is a gastronomic affair in most cases. This is because food is taken very seriously in Luxembourg. Some of the major produce in Luxembourg comes from within the country itself, with farms producing their own share of fresh vegetables. In fact, healthy food has been a way of life. Food is one of the best attractions in Luxembourg, with the typical Luxembourgish dishes available in most of the restaurants. The latter is of several types, from the friendly local pub to the more sophisticated fine dining. Besides the Luxembourgish dishes, there is also available a range of international cuisines in Luxembourg city. Some of these latter include cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, Greek, Indian, Japanese Mediterranean, health cuisine, grilled and a range of fast food joints as well.

But while you are in Luxembourg, you must try some of the unique Luxembourg cuisines and dishes, with the national dish of the country being judd mat gaardebounen, the latter being an unique preparation of smoked pork accompanied by potato and broad beans. Sometimes it is also served with Sauerkraut, the latter being a fried sausage, easily found in the roadsides as well. Fishes are also a local favorite in the Luxembourg cuisines, with some of the most popular dishes being Mussels Luxembourg style, Pike in Green Sauce, Trout in Riesling sauce and Crayfish Luxembourg styles, among others.

Pork is one of the staple meats in the local dishes, with some of the popular dishes of the same being jellied suckling pig, Ham in Hay, Ardennes ham and other items made of meat. Luxembourg is known for its exquisite range of pastries and desserts, with some of them being made specifically on certain occasions.

But the vegetarians need not be disappointed, as there are ample number of restaurants serving vegetarian dishes. Luxembourg cuisines is incomplete without sipping one of the French local wines. The country is known for its wide range and quality of wine and beer, home grown in the beautiful vineyards of Luxembourg. Some of the popular restaurants serving Luxembourgish cuisine are Cafe Francais, Alfa Brassiere, Mousel's Canteen, Au Florentine, Le Celao, Cathedrale, Delta and Aldebaran, among others.