Dining Facilities at Luxembourg

Luxembourg is home to a rich produce of organic food, vegetables, fruits and greens on one hand, and a healthy amount of meat produce on the other, thus making dining facilities at Luxembourg a gastronomic affair. The culinary culture in Luxembourg is a blend of German and French cuisine, offering a wide range of blends to tantalize your palate. But while Luxembourg is famous for its wide range of meats and meat dishes, the organic produce is as huge. The nature parks of Luxembourg produce a rich variety of food products, ranging from fruits, dairy products, vegetables, animal products, cereals, breads and land products, among others. With organic cultivation being such a big thing in Luxembourg, dining facilities at Luxembourg are no doubt one of the most unique experience in the country. While there are scores of restaurants in Luxembourg, offering range of cuisines, in case you are invited to someone's home for a meal, do be prepared to expect one of huge proportions.

Despite the common belief that Luxembourg is known for its French cuisine, this is not entirely true. Luxembourg is known for many dishes and specialties, typical to the country. While French and German obviously has had much influence on its cuisine, a home meal usually comprises simple but healthy food. There are distinct influences from the Portuguese and Italian cuisine as well. Besides the typical Luxembourgian food, there is also a range of other cuisines available in the main Luxembourg city. The dining facilities at Luxembourg cater to the palate of every visitor, irrespective of the kind of diet that you follow.

So you can walk through the cafes, either road side or on the terrace or go for fine dining in Luxembourg. But while you are here, you should not miss the mouth-watering dishes of the country.

The dining facilities at Luxembourg are of all kinds, ranging from the extremely informal to the very formal, and anywhere in between. But while you are staying here, you should not miss the local food specialties of Luxembourg include dishes such as smoked pork, along with broad beans or sauerkraut, smoked Ardennes ham, jellied suckling pig, Luxembourg ham, Gromper keeschelche, potato pancakes, found best in homes, Kach Keis, a soft Luxembourg cheese variety, Thuringer, spicy sausages found easily at roadsides, Pate, a popular meat spread and Quetsche tort, plum tart, a dessert typical of Luxembourg. And sipping one of the local French wines or the home grown beers is a must in Luxembourg!