Romantic Vacations in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a land of rich culture and almost thousand years of long history. Every region of this country has its own story to tell, with unique sights and heritage to offer to its visitors. With rolling plains and meadows, castles set on hill tops or the charming and the cultural tours in this country, is bound to charm you and your partner. There are many options for those looking for romantic vacations in Luxembourg, irrespective of whether you are looking for a long, relaxing week of travel or you want to simply relax in one of the luxurious hotels in Luxembourg,

offering the perfect romantic getaway to the couple for merely a weekend. Or you could opt for a wine tour in one of the many vineyards in Luxembourg. Or you could take a culinary tour in the Luxembourg city and the surrounding areas, the region known as the Central in Luxembourg. While the capital city of Luxembourg is merely a mile by a mile and half, set the pace in the city as you prefer it, for your romantic vacations in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg city is a must while you are in this country. The country might be very small, but there is much to see and do here.

But while the country is known for its history traced back to thousand years ago, the popular cities and towns are equally cosmopolitan in nature, thus offering you all the modern facilities. Despite having influences from across the borders of France, Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg represents the best of all the worlds, while it has something of its own as well. Thus, the Luxembourgish not only have their own language, but also their own cuisine, culture and lifestyle. The people of Luxembourg are however the best part of the country, known for being warm and friendly hospitality, but combined with a pride in what they consider their own.

Romantic vacations in Luxembourg must include a visit to some of the most charming places in the country. Some of these include the popular places of Luxembourg such as the Fortress area and the Old Town, both being cited as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Some of the popular cities that you must visit are Luxembourg city, Vianden, Nospelt, Clervaux, Bourscheid, Remich, Mersch, Esch sur sure, Grevenmacher and Diekirch, among others. From Luxembourg city, there are many small towns and villages where you can take short trips. The castles of Luxembourg have their own stories to tell, with the most popular one being the Vianden castle, the largest castle of Grand Duchy. Each of the five regions in Luxembourg have something special to offer, thus making your romantic vacations in Luxembourg an affair to remember!