Shopping in Luxembourg

There are some very few selective options when it comes to shopping in Luxembourg. Although very less in number, you would find a variety of shops along the Luxembourg streets to pick a souvenir for your relatives and friends. The best shops in Luxembourg are mainly spread in the market region of the town.

There are a good number of shopping options in Luxembourg that varies from markets to outlets and shopping centers. The up market stores are sprawled along the Old City Street. Grand-Rue and rue de la Poste are the two top known places in Luxembourg to shop. Top European designers have their outlets in this region. You can pick according to your choice and get them stitched in your size. The art galleries in this area are an art lover's abode. You can buy paintings and if you are lucky, may also get a chance to interact with the painters.

Avenue de la Gare joined by the bridge Passerelle to the new Luxembourg city have several stores and is a good shopping option here. This area has moderately priced items on sale and is best for you to pick for the ones close to your heart.

The souvenir stores in Luxembourg are at plenty. Some of the hotels also have their personalized gift stores and offer you a great option to shop in privacy avoiding the crowd. Some of the most popular items you can pick from Luxembourg are:

  • Clocks
  • Pottery
  • Miscellaneous objects
  • Paintings
  • Decorated Porcelain plates
  • Paintings of landscapes of the Grand Duchy
  • Cast-iron wall plaques
  • Fonderie de Mersch gift items
  • Castles
  • Coats of arms
  • Local scene paintings
  • Leather bags
  • Shoes
  • Clothes and apparels

The shops in the market area remain open from morning 8 to evening 6 from Monday to Friday. During weekends some of the shops in Luxembourg remain closed. The souvenir stores that are housed by hotels operate as per the hotel rules.

The most popular places to shop in Luxembourg are:

  • Alima: This is an Old Town supermarket

  • Delhaize: This is a veru popular Supermarket near Gare Centrale

  • Librairie Ernster: One of the top bookshops in Luxembourg and is definitely a book lover's abode

Grand-rue: This is the main shopping street of Luxembourg. The trendy boutiques and great shopping stores offer you to stroll along the streets and pick your flick in a casual and comfortable mood. The top designer stores in this area are:

  • Neuberg
  • Centre Beaumont
  • Carr� Bonn