Things to do in Luxembourg

You would never fall short of excitement when you are in Luxembourg. The region is regarded as the only Grand Duchy region of the world. The beautiful landscapes and exiting arenas to visit will steal your heart away. There are varied things to do in Luxembourg that you keep you engaged all through your trip.

Petite Suisse Luxembourgeoise with its out of the world beauty is often regarded as "Mini Switzerland" is a must visit in Luxembourg. Walk through the lush green forests or explore the stunning waterfalls and extraordinary rock formations, you would simply never fall short of activities in Luxembourg.

Things not to miss in Luxembourg

  • Locally referred as Eisléck, this is one of the most beautiful places of the town. The tranquil scenic beauty of Eisléck and the Ardennes region will take you to a different world. This is a great place for hiking. Walk along the plateau regions covered with lush green trees or wooded hills, you would be engulfed by the alluring beauty. Esch-sur-Sűre, located close by, is a small town encompassed by the River Sűre (Sauer). This is very popular for its luxury resorts.

  • Luxembourg is also famous for rock climbing. There are some great places in Berdorf and the Müllerthal region where you can go for a safe hiking experience. The hilly trails are very favorable even for a first timer. You can also hire a guide if you are not confident enough and think you might get lost on your way. The roads are not very twisted and can be easily traced if you carry a travel map with yourself easily available at the book stores, hotel desk or from your travel agent.

  • It's also a great idea to take part in some adventure water sports in Luxembourg. Ideally situated in the Upper Sűre National Park is the largest drinking water reservoir of the country. This beautiful place is also a stream dam, more popularly known as the Staudamm, which makes a gorgeous lake.

  • Luxembourg is a place for wines and dines. Contact your tour operator for a wine tasting tour. The most beautiful wineries and vineyards are located on the southeastern region of Luxembourg. You can also go for a boat cruising on River Moselle, more popularly known as the Moselle' or d'Musel, which flows through the main wine-producing region of Luxembourg. You can also pick up a few bottles of breweries as souvenirs from Diekirch and Wiltz, the two alcohols producing regions of Luxembourg.

  • Mondorf-les-Bains is the best place to unwind and pamper yourself. Experience the thermal health treatments here or simply relax at the spa to get some exotic therapeutic cure.

  • Schengen is a small village, which looks over the most beautiful scenery. Moselle region of this city will offer you a breathtaking view of the meeting point of three countries Luxembourg, France and Germany. Don't forget to carry your photographic equipments as you can get some of the best shots from here.

The impressive setting of the city of Luxembourg would engulf you with its most alluring beauty and extravaganza.