Malta Cuisines

Malta is a small and most thickly settled island nation that consists of an archipelago of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The people of Malta are known as Maltese. Being a country of Southern Europe, Malta is located southern part of Sicily, northern part of Libya and eastern part of Tunisia. It is a great tourist destination and it offers several additional attractions to its tourists. Due to its ideal geographical location and the influence of the foreign countries, Malta cuisines have become rich and varied. The food lovers find it exciting to travel to Malta much due to its richness in cuisine.

Maltese Cuisine is believed to have been influenced by a prolonged relationship between several foreigners and the Islanders who inhabited in Malta for a long time. The Malta cuisines are also much similar to the Italian, Moorish or Sicilian cuisine. All the delicious Malta cuisines will be offered to you while you are traveling to Malta. The following are some of the popular delicacies that are accepted as integral part of the main food category of the local people of Malta. Soup, pasta, rice, meat, fish, vegetables, pastry, cheese, bread, sweets, and several beverages are the basic cuisines of Malta. Let's have detail information about all the major delicacies-

Aljotta or Maltese fish soup

It is basically a rich fish soup and counted as one of the best Malta Cuisines. This soup consists of plenty of chopped garlic, tomatoes and some essential herbs. It is often served with the boiled rice.

Minestra or Maltese vegetable soup

Like any other cuisines, Maltese cuisines also use soup as a starter. This soup is a most famous soup in Malta as it is much healthy as well as thick soup that is broth in consistency. Minestra is prepared with lots of fresh and dehydrated vegetables. It is served with sliced or crusty Maltese bread. Maltese people eat this soup all the year round.

Mqarrun il-Forn or Maltese baked macaroni:

This is a famous cuisine of Malta and acknowledged as one of the popular Malta cuisines. Being a delicious Maltese cuisine, Mqarrun il-Forn is a baked dish which is prepared with macaroni, egg, bolognese sauce and several other additional ingredients.

Fenkata or Rabbit:

Meat is an integral part of Malta cuisine. Among all meats, Rabbit is the most delicious food that is appreciated by the majority of the Malta's population. Fenkata is prepared and served as a famous traditional cuisine. Mainly, rabbit is a lightly fried dish and it is served with rich or thick gravy and tomato sauce.

While you venture out on traveling to Europe, especially Malta, be prepared to offer all these lip-smacking dishes to enhance your gastronomical delight. These Malta Cuisines are rarely available in other parts of the world.