Things to do in Malta

Turn you European tour the most memorable one by indulging into totally thrilling things to do in Malta. From boating, boarding a bus and scuba diving; everything is full of adventure and fun in Malta.

Your Europe trip definitely calls for some adventure and entertainment. Here are some really fun things to do in Malta. For any vacation, you just don't want to visit the main attractions, there are lots interesting activities in Malta that would surly spill excitement in your tour.

Malta fun things to do

Board a bus - You can board the public transport bus to take a tour of the local places. It is a very interesting Malta activity to ride in the bus. The bus fares are very less and convenient for traveling short distances. You would be totally amazed to explore the streets and promenades of the towns on your sightseeing bus tour in Malta.

The beautiful vintage buses give a very welcoming feel you would be pleased to receive special traditional greetings are offered by the bus staff on visiting the religious shires of Malta. The Main city Valletta is connected with all the towns and villages making it very comfortable to reach any spot.

Party all night - Are you thinking of the nightclubs and pubs? Shun those bars and discos and make your Malta fun evening by attending the village 'festas'. Offering the scrumptious food, traditional performances and folk music and plan your entertaining things to do in Malta. The local bands perform on the streets and the walkways are adorned with festoons, flowers, flags, lights and huge banners.

Relax and pamper - On planning Malta fun things to do you would surely indulge into the heavenly experience of beaches. The beaches are very popular and spill a tranquil feeling. The clean and crystal white beaches with golden sand would do wonders on a relaxing sunny day. Don't forget to carry your sunscreen and a towel for getting the perfect exuberance.

Take a cruise - Experience the splendid cruising to explore the marvelous villages, cliffs and bays of sparkling water. This leisurely feeling would take on a paradisiacal journey.

Theatres - Do you love live performances? Visit the Valletta's Manoel Theatre which not known for the plays and movies but, is one of the oldest spot in Europe. The operas, dramas and ballet would take you back to the European yesteryears. St James Cavalier is another famous house of cinema and art gallery for your plan on weekends.

Karozzin ride - One of the very popular and traditional features of Malta is the 'Karozzin' ride. Check out for the unusual horse and cart ride to hit the streets of Valletta, Mdina and Victoria Gozo. Take the unique experience by shelling some little extra and enjoy the wonderful sightseeing ride.

Scuba diving - Sports are also interesting things to do in Malta. Indulge into the really adventurous water sport on the beaches. Scuba diving in Malta is a year round activity. The excellent sites are the northern part which offers many diving school for people who are not expert in scuba dive.

Other adventure sports in Malta

  • Watch glass blowing
  • Windsurfing

Make your weekends really thrilling by trying out the fun things to do in Malta.