Wildlife Holidays in Malta

The archipelago of seven islands, Malta is densely populated island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. This Southern European country and lies to the south of Sicily, east of Tunisia, and north of Libya. This European country is visited by tourists coming from different corners of world. The European Union country at present is the smallest EU country in both area and population. Tourists from different parts of world not only come here to enjoy the nature and natural beauty but also the ecotourism along with spending the wildlife holidays in Malta.

The island of Malta is completely treeless hence vegetation is rare and thin. The major crops to be cultivated here include grape, bay, and olive cultivated since centuries. The native species to this island include weasel, hedgehog, and bat. Some of the common types of Mediterranean fish, as well as the seal and porpoise, dwell in the surrounding waters. Some of the other species that are found here commonly include the Maltese lizard, Rabat Cat, Cats at Upper Barracca, Spinola Ducks and several other species.

Though the island is limited in size still it has rich biological source. A good part of wildlife in Malta is centered in the Gozo the heart of Mlata. Malta is though not that rich in wildlife still great number of tourists come to the place to see the native species in the region.

Several other regions also support the wildlife culture of Malta and tourists from different nook and corners of world come for spending a relaxed wildlife holidays in Malta. Since a large part of the economy is also supported by the tourism in Malta the tourism also encompass wildlife expedition. Due to the increasing danger of the lives of the species of Wildlife in Malta a federal program for protecting the species even which are not the endangered ones is still practiced.

The forest and the hilly regions of Malta serve as a home to different native species in Malta. Different species of snakes and reptiles are commonly viewed here. Though not many still there are few wildlife parks in Malta.

Malta attracts tourists from all across the world Catering to a wide spectrum of interests and age groups, most tours and day trips in Malta have travel packages available, offering a host of services like transportation, meals enroute plan, ticket booking, itinerary, round-trip hotel transfers, stop-over at major attractions, and photo-stops at sight-seeing and wildlife hotspots in Malta.

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