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Mediterranean Cruises

The romantic French and Italian Riviera, the picturesque coastline of Greek, the Mt. Etna in Sicily- the Mediterranean has everything to enthrall visitors and makes them keep coming back there for more. Sailing through the warm water of the Mediterranean is therefore the ultimate idea of a perfect vacation for many.

Earlier only the rich and affluent could only afford a vacation in the French Riviera. But you no longer have to have a private yacht to enjoy a Mediterranean holiday. Now there are many cruise lines available in Europe which will take you around the Mediterranean at affordable rates.

Cruise tours in Europe have really become popular in the recent time. You can now soak into the rich culture of Europe while sailing on a luxurious passenger ship. The cruise tours in Europe can be categorized as the following,

  • Western Mediterranean Cruises
  • Eastern Mediterranean Cruise
  • Northern Europe Cruises
  • Coastal Norway and the Fjords
  • British Isles
  • The Black Sea cruise
  • Islands of the Atlantic Ocean cruise
  • European River cruise
The Mediterranean has always remained one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Europe. Every year thousands of tourists book the Mediterranean cruises to tour Europe.

The Mediterranean cruises can be further categorized as- Eastern Mediterranean cruise and Western Mediterranean Cruise.

The itinerary of eastern Mediterranean cruise mainly focuses on Italy, Greece, Turkey and the cities along the Adriatic Sea. The ships for eastern Mediterranean cruise tours start from and return to cities of Rome, Venice and Athens. Hence, you have the option to choose any of these locations for your eastern Mediterranean cruise.

The natural route for western Mediterranean cruise tour is through the southern coastline of Spain and France in addition to Italy. Most of the ships will depart from and return to Barcelona and Rome.

How to make most of your Mediterranean cruise experience
Before you set out for a Mediterranean experience you may find out more about the things that you can do on your journey. It is important if you don�t want to miss out all the actions and excitements of the Mediterranean cruise.

Most of the cruise liners will allow the tourists to go offshore to make the most of the place they are visiting. The cruise may even anchor more than a day to let the tourists enjoy the place in their own way. On your day�s visit to a city you can visit its historical monuments, museums, art galleries, shopping destinations and boulevards. You may also visit the local nightclubs and pubs to soak into its culture.

Italy remains the main focus of the Mediterranean cruise and hence while in Italy do things that you can�t enjoy anywhere else, like- take a gondola ride in Venice, walk through the St. Mark's Square or visit the town of Murano where you can buy exquisite hand-blown Venetian glass items.

From Naples you can go to visit the ancient remains of Pompeii and in Florence spend a day at one of its many art museums.

Similarly, in France you can visit the wealthiest town in the world, Monte Carlo, or visit the Grand Casino or soak under the brilliant sun in a beach in French Rivera.

Trips to Istanbul and Athens have many excitements in store too for the tourists. The landscapes of these places are breathtaking and enchanting. You can take trips to the villages which are in existence since the medieval era.

When is the right time for a Mediterranean cruise?
Mediterranean cruises are available year long. The weather of the Mediterranean, which is never too hot or cold, is just ideal for a vacation any time. But even then most cruises sail during the period of September and October since during this time the weather of this area remains most pleasant.

Some cruises may run their liners in the Mediterranean during May and June and then again in august to October. These are two most favorable time to take the Mediterranean cruise.

How to book your Mediterranean cruise trip
Many of the cruise liners now allow the tourists to book tickets on-line. You can now visit their websites and check out the many packages available to you before you book your cruise trip.

While you are shopping on-line take advantage of shopping around to compare the prices and services of different cruise liners before deciding upon one. This way you can also save on your cruise tours, which otherwise can be pretty expensive.

Check out with an experienced and professional travel agent and discuss about the possibilities to make the best of your cruise tour to Europe. They can also help you in designing the tour the smartest way. Ask the travel agent for any special discounts available on the trip. Time and again the cruise liners offer special discounted deals for honeymooners, retirees and armed force personnel. If you fall under any of these categories you can get special rates.

There are both round-trips and one-way trips available with all the leading cruise lines in Europe. The most famous destinations cover Barcelona, Rome (Civitavecchia), Venice, Athens and Istanbul.

The average duration of the Mediterranean cruise is between 7 days to 14 days. The cost of the package will also depend upon the duration of your tour. However, most of the cruise lines will let you choose a convenient tour package where you can adjust the duration of the trip. You can therefore choose a touring package which will suit your requirements the best.

Some of the cruise lines that offer Mediterranean cruise trips are, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Orient Line, Radisson Seven Seas, Oceania Cruises and so on and so forth. Check out all your options before booking your cruise trip to Europe.

You may do your homework before you set out on the voyage to make sure that you don�t miss out the excitements that the place has to offer or may just let the place entertain you with its many surprises. What ever is your way to experience the Mediterranean cruise, you can never go wrong with it.