Monaco cuisines

When you are Travel to European Countries , you will be experiencing and discovering all that the different lands have to offer. Monaco cuisines is also one of the culinary experiences which you must just revel in.

You can simply delight in the Monaco cuisines. There are restaurants in Monaco, which serve an entire array of dishes for you to choose from. The eateries of Monaco are known for their grandeur and elegance. They reinforce the image of Monaco. The country of Monaco stands for munificence. The luxurious restaurants of the country are enough to symbolize this.

Monaco cuisines, comprise of the following delicacies. These are Barbagiuan which is simply unique to this land. It happens to be a type of pastry. The inner filling of which comprises of the cereal rice and the fruit pumpkin in a unique combination. It is served as an appetizer. Generous quantities of spinach, leek and cheese are also added to it.

Fougasse is yet another kind of pastry for which the country is so well known. It is an unique pastry, exclusive only to this country. It has special aroma which makes it well loved by all. There is always a sweet fragrance emanating from Fougasse. It is known to be a pastry made from oranges and flour in a unique dough mixture. The mouth watering pastry is topped with a generous amount of chopped and crushed nuts, almonds and aniseed. It is well loved of the Monaco cuisines.Socca is a soft mellifluous pancake which simply melts in the mouth. It is made of a special variety of flour. This is chick-pea flour.

Stocafi is a special from of gravy. It is dried cod cooked in thick paste of tomato sauce. It is one of the complete favorite of the Monaco cuisines.

Monegasque-style onions is one of the popular Monaco cuisines. It is prepared by ingredients comprising of onions, olive oil, white wine vinegar, currants, sprigs, potatoes and parsleys. It is one of the national delicacies.

As such the Cuisine of Monaco, is a close cousin of French cuisine. As such the restaurants serve all the culinary delights of the world. When you visit any of the luxurious restaurants at Monaco to enjoy the cuisine special to the land, you will be able to benefit from the special value lunch menus. You will enjoy a tax exemption on the drinks you order.

Come to Monaco and give your taste buds a feast.