Montenegro cuisines

Have you ever tasted the exotic cuisines of Montenegro? If not, then you might as well plan to visit the place for breaking the monotony of your daily life and also taste some of the divine delicacies of the place. The success of the Montenegro cuisines can be attributed to the geographical position along with the long history of Montenegro. The heartland of Montenegro is well known for the traditional dishes that are replete with significant Italian flavor. You can also get an idea of the bread-making style, the process of curing and drying the meat, cheese making, wines and spirits, the soup and stew making style,stuffed capsicums, meatballs, priganice and lots more, each of which has a distinct character and charm. One thing that can be said for sure that you would thoroughly enjoy the Montenegro Cuisines.

Influences on Montenegro cuisines

It can be said that besides the Italian influence, the second biggest influence came in from the regions of Levant and Turkey. Some of the taste characteristics even intruded from Serbian dishes like the sarma, musaka, pilav, pita, burek, Cevapi, kebab or even the Turkish sweets like baklava and tulumba. Some of the common Hungarian dishes are goulash, satarash and djuvech that have also created a mark in the cuisines of Montenegro.

In the desserts section, the continental Europe seemed to have left its mark on the dishes like cr�pes, doughnuts, jams, myriad types of biscuits and cakes. All these has definitely paved way for the increasing waist line among the people of Montenegro. It is also interesting to mention that Vienna-style bread is one of the most prevalent breads found in the shops of Montenegro. Apart from geographical variations, the Montenegro cuisines of the coastal areas differ from the regions belonging to the northern highland. The Mediterranean cuisine is one of the common traditional cuisine in the coastal areas. The sea food is the common dish.

Some of the remarkable Montenegro cuisines

You can enjoy some of the best cuisines in Montenegro. There is Cold Antipasto , locally called the Meza, which will definitely tickle your taste buds for sure. This particular dish is usually offered as a welcome gesture to the guests. Some of the classic style Meza platter includes, Njegu�ka pr�uta, thinly sliced Cacciatore-style smoked Salami, Kastradina, Njegu�ki cheese, Pljevaljski cheese. These are also accompanied by pickles and green olives which are marinated in olive-oil and garlic. The homemade bread that is prepared in Montenegro is known in Italy as Panne di Casa. Besides these, there are exquisite seafood dishes that you can sink your teeth in too. informs you about Montenegro cuisines, to know more on the other interesting city life of Montenegro , do keep browsing the pages of the site, you never know what might draw your attention. Happy navigating!