Restaurants in Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the finest tourism destinations in the southeastern parts of Europe. The land of Montenegro is bordered by Albania to the southeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Croatia to the west and Serbia to the northeast. The vast presence of the Adriatic Sea to the south defines the culture and lifestyle of the country. The indigenous culture of Montenegro has been influenced a great deal by the sailing Adriatic people who generally belong to Venice in Italy. The traditional southern Slavic culture too has made its impact in shaping the roots of Montenegro.

The variety of cuisine over there is one of the main reasons why so many people travel to Montenegro every year. The restaurants in Montenegro serve delicious sea foods along with numerous other types of cuisines from all around the world. All the famous restaurants in Montenegro are evenly dispersed around the length and breadth of the country. All the popular sightseeing places in Montenegro are located in the vicinity of the top Montenegro restaurants.

The first thing that will strike you once you walk into any of the top restaurants in Montenegro is the architectural intricacies of the structure of the restaurant.

There are obvious traces of Gothic, pre-Romanesque and Baroque influences in the patterns of construction in the country and the restaurants are no exception either.As Montenegro is replete with several leftovers of the Romanesque and Gothic tradition, the restaurants in Montenegro proudly bear witness to the royal times gone by. Arraying from continental to central European delicacies, all the premier restaurants in Montenegro serve a sumptuous variety of local as well as international cuisines. You are going to have a number of choices to treat the sweet taste bud of yours.

Restaurants in Montenegro not just offer a noticeable heterogeneity in terms of dishes from Italy, France and other European countries, they also serve them in a befitting ambiance. There is a personalized feel to the dining environment. You can spend your intimate hours with the most special person in your life inside the cozy and comfortable restaurants.

Make sure that you book your seats well in advance to avoid last minute rush. Majority of the top restaurants in Montenegro remain packed to capacity during festive seasons. So it is always advisable to have your table booked in advance. You can also opt for open air buffet lunch or dining.