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Trip to Kotor

A very interesting place of visit on the coast of Mediterranean, Kotor is not too well known to the world, as the beauty has remained hidden and intact over the time. Its fortified walls ensured that no outside forces can create havoc in the loving city it preserved over the past several centuries. Life in Kotor, a pretty coastal town in Montenegro, is simple and nature too has endowed it with simplicity in its pristine surroundings and the landscapes it holds. The town is much like a fresh breather for life when the cities and their concrete jungles turn out to be too much of a reality to bear. Whether you are a lover of natural resources, historical grandeur or simply the life and the way it is dealt with every passing day, or if you are a complete escapist, your trip to Kotor is bound to be one that would turn out to be unbelievably rewarding, that would satisfy your every requirements to the utmost. A trip to Kotor does not require an itinerary that would span several days, as even an excursion tour of one or two days would suffice. All you would require is keeping those tensed moments of life aside, take your soul or soul mate or a group of great friends during your trip to the town and as you reach, you will find, new vistas of untainted beauty opening up before you.

If you have ever been keenly or partially interested in historical pasts of regions you are visiting, then you can be rest assured that your trip to Kotor will turn out to be more fascinating than anything you anticipated. The city is known to have existed back in the Roman times, but it was only during the medieval times that it was fortified. Since then, it has been the witness to the rise and fall of many empires, with each of them having left back some impact on the city, not only in terms of culture, but also in architecture.

Today, the Venetian-baroque style of architecture that the city boasts of, has given it a place in the UNESCO list of heritage sites. Besides the historical touch, the natural fjord formation, which is considered as the most wondrous in the southern European region, as well as the topography and weather together, have made the city very appealing in the recent times. More tourists every year come to visit the town of Kotor.

A trip to Kotor includes a number of tourist attractions in the city of Kotor. The attractions such as Cathedral of Stain Tryphon, coastline, vibrant nightlife, summer carnivals and events, and old age stone villas provide the tourists ample of opportunities to explore. Staying here too does not pose a major problem as there are quite a few vacation homes in the town with three or more rooms as well as quite a few affordable hotel accommodations. If you are thinking about how to reach the town, then you must know that road transportation is of greatly availed of for getting in and out of the town. The Vrmac Tunnel connects Kotor to the rest of Montenegro.It is also connected to Adriatic Motorway as well. Besides, the Tivat Airport and Podgorica Airport are located close by to connect the town to the other major European cities.

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