Things to do in Netherlands

Things to do in Netherlands are varied in nature from nature trips to adventurous sports. During your staying in Netherlands, there are so many things to do, that it may be difficult for you to choose from. However, here are some suggestions of things to do in Netherlands, while you are in this country. Read on�

  • Netherlands bicycle trip: You can undertake a bicycle trip in order to see the amazingly picturesque Dutch valleys. Actually, bicycle is the most popular public transport in this country. You will find nearly 10,600 miles of flat cycle tracks across the various parts of the country.

  • Netherlands boat trips: Netherlands has some great harbors and waterways. For this reason, an idle boat trip would be perfect to enjoy the natural vistas of these wonderful waterways. You also can see the most interesting parts of the country with the boat trips. You can take museum boat trip as well for more cultural destinations.

  • Visit to Corpus: You can explore the authentic Dutch architecture as well as the human body structure from Corpus. Corpus is located near Leiden. You also can avail a trip to medical information centre, where you can enjoy some great exhibitions.

  • Trip to Hoge Veluwe national park: You can undertake a day trip to Hoge Veluwe national park. This National Park is located near Arnhem. There is an underground museum as well as the Kr�ller-M�ller Museum. The first museum concentrates on the subterranean life while the latter one houses 280 Van Gogh paintings along with other works by other artists.

  • Visit a football match: You should not miss a football match during your holiday in Netherlands. Netherlands is the home of a number of famous teams. You should not miss a match, if they are taking place during your visit to the country.

  • Driving trip to Afsluitdijk: You can hire a rental car and go for a drive across Afsluitdijk. You can catch some beautiful shots with your camera of the Zuiderzee, which is located near the North Sea. A long drive to Friesland across the Noord-Holland would be a delight for all the tourists.

  • Visit Het Spoorwegmuseum: If you want to relive the enriched Dutch history, you must visit Het Spoorwegmuseum. This historical museum is recently renovated and for this reason, there will be something more to see in this museum. Located in Maliebaanstation in Utrecht, this museum contains some greatest historical masterpieces.

  • A visit to Rotterdam: Rotterdam will be a great experience to have during your Netherlands holidays. While having dinner at a height of 328 feet, you can witness the natural vistas of the largest harbor in the world. You also can undertake Euroscoop, if you can looking for a more exciting experience in Rotterdam.

  • Visit to Zaanse Schans village: If you are interested to visit a historical village, Visit to Zaanse Schans village, located near the capital city, Amsterdam, is a must watch for you. You will see the windmills, traditional houses, cheese farm, clog factory, boat builder factory, and a couple of museums.

  • Visit to the Wadden Islands: If you want to enjoy a calm and serene holiday in Netherlands, you must visit the Wadden Islands, which are five in number. The Netherlands tourism offers ferry services to the visitors during the summer days. Apart from that, you also can hire cycles to roam around these islands. These islands are one of the most popular destinations in Netherlands.

  • Visit the city of Gouda: The city of Gouda is popular for its historic importance. You can watch a number of historical places such as the Weighhouse Museum. You also can witness cheese making processes in this city.

  • Beer Drinking: During you staying in Netherlands, you may be interested in the nightlife in Netherlands. There are a number of clubs and pubs around the country, which are famous for beer. In fact, Netherlands is very famous for beer making, and they allow a 16-year-old. The country ships nearly 1,300 million liters of beer every year.

There are many things to do in Netherlands such as visit to Delft, tasting Haarlem beer, visit to the Red Light District, bike tour etc.