Norway cuisines

Most traditional Norway cuisines are made out of ingredients that are readily available in the country. Even though modern cuisines of Norway have evolved and attained international standards, some of the dishes still retain their traditional flavors and aromas. Among the traditional Norwegian dishes which have become popular all around the world is the smoked salmon. In the present time, smoked salmon is one of the major export food items and can be regarded as the most significant Norwegian contribution to modern global cuisine. In Norway there are many varieties of smoked salmon available and is usually served with sandwiches, scrambled eggs, dill, and mustard sauce. The long and diverse coastline of Norway provides plenty of waters for farm-raised fish, which is a staple in most Norway cuisines.

One of the more unusual fish dishes of Norway is Rakfisk, comprising fermented trout. Seafood forms an important part of Norway cuisines, which is either used fresh, salted, smoked or pickled. Most coastal Norwegians consider the caviar sack, head and liver an important part of a seafood meal. However restaurants usually discard these parts when serving their customers.

Some of the restaurants and cafes in Norway specializing in authentic Norwegian dishes include Al Amir, Al Chouf, Bar og Restaurant, Beach Club, Bolgen & Moi Briskeby and Bolgen & Moi Gruppen among others.In these restaurants customers can sample the best of Norway cuisines. Among meat dishes some of the most delicacies include morr which is a smoked cured sausage, fenalar and others. Preserved sausages and meat are available in several regional variations, and are generally eaten with potato wraps, sour cream dishes or flat bread.Fruits and deserts are also a significant part of Norway cuisines and are eaten after major meals.

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries lingonberries, and apples are some of the popular fruits grown in Norway. These fruits are used in the preparation of a number of delicious dishes. On special occasions a distinctive Norwegian dessert is cloudberries served with whipped cream.

Cookies like are fattigman, krumkake and sandbakkelse are also popular deserts eaten in Norway. Dairy products are also very common in Norway with cheese being a major export item. Sweet geitost is commonly used in cooking as well as with bread. So anytime you are traveling to Norway, don't forget to taste the variety of dishes the country has to offer.