Flights to Norway

Norway, officially known as Kingdom of Norway, is located at the northernmost part in Norway. The country is one of the least populated countries in the continent. It shares its border with Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Denmark. Norway is well-connected through the airlines. There are daily flights to Norway from different parts of Europe as well as the rest of the world.

The Norwegian airports are generally categorized as primary and regional. The primary airports in Norway are those, which are operated by jets. They are governed by Norwegian SAS. They have a couple of domestic as well as international flights to and from Norway. The regional Norwegian airports are generally smaller than the primary airports. They have shorter runways. There airports are mainly designed for STOL flights.

Some primary Norwegian airports are:

  • Alta Airport
  • Alesund Airport, Vigra
  • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
  • Bod� Airport
  • Bardufoss Airport
  • Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes
  • Moss Airport, Rygge
  • Haugesund Airport, Karm�y

Some regional Norwegian airports are:

  • And�ya Airport
  • Flor� Airport
  • Leknes Airport
  • Namsos Airport
  • Fagernes Airport, Leirin
  • Sandane Airport, Anda
  • Svea Airport
  • Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen
  • Svea Airport
  • Hammerfest Airport

Avinor, which operates most of the public airports, is the major operational body in Norway air services. Avinor controls 16 primary airports and 29 regional airports. Apart from them, Torp and Rygge are the biggest private airports in Norway.

The airlines of Norway: There are 17 major airlines, which operates and offers services to the people, heading to or from the country. Some of the prominent airlines are described below:

  • Air Norway: Air Norway offers seven weekly flights from Orland to Oslo. The weekly flights leave Orland at 7.40. There were no flights to Norway on Saturdays. But there is two rounds of flights on Sunday to Orland. The weekly trips are operated from Aalborg from Oslo.

  • Bergen Air Transport: This airlines mainly operates at Bergen Airport along with some services for Notodden Airport. This airline offers private charter, single scheduled service, and aviation-mechanical services. It has 10 pilots in total. They operate six weekly trips between Bergen and Notodden.

  • Scandinavian Airlines: Scandinavian Airlines or more popularly known as SAS, is actually a synonym of a joint airlines system of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It is the largest airlines in the region. Being operated in 28 countries, it has 143 aircrafts.

  • Hesnes Air: This airline mainly operates in Sandefjord Airport. This airline offers aircrafts to more than 3000 worldwide destinations. These days, this airline is offering charter-cargo-hospital flights worldwide. The additional services include taxi-hoto flights, helicopter services, Forklift truck, and pallets.