Nightlife in Norway

Nightlife in Norway is vibrant and colorful. Your visit to Norway will be incomplete if you do not experience the nightlife. Norway, even though, has not yet been emerged as a must-visit European destination, is a popular destination for the young tourists. The reason? It's amazing nightlife. The younger tourists have discovered the nightlife of Norway in the truest sense. If you too want to know about the amazing Norwegian nightlight, read on�

Oslo and Bergen� these two cities offer a wide variety of pubs, restaurants, clubs, and discos. Unlike the other European cities or countries, these two cities never sleep during midnight. The nightlife range in Norway is described below:

Major nightlife attractions in Norway:

  • Entertainment in Oslo: During the winter and spring, the city of Oslo mainly indulges in its theatre culture and it is their primary activity after evening. There are four cabinets and nine stages in Oslo. Apart from theatres, the people in Oslo also love watching movies. There are 30 screens as well as 5 multiplexes. If winters and springs are the season of movies and theatres, summers summon for more cultural practices. They spend the summers with folklore and traditional dancing.

  • The Beach Club in Oslo: If you want to taste the American flavor in a European night club, the Beach Club is the ideal destination for you. You can witness a 1950s American ambiance. You can visit the club for good conversations, drinks, and great atmosphere.

  • Bristol Night Spot in Oslo: If you want to enjoy energetic and aggressive music, Bristol Night Spot is the best place for you. You can find a conservative and older crowd in this club. You also can enjoy a irresistible dining menu. You have to book in advance.

  • Smuget in Oslo: This bar is mostly visited by the young crowd. This club is popular for its music and dance floor. You can hear various pop and rock singers during the weekends. If you are looking for a vibrant nightlife in Norway, you should consider this nightclub.

  • Library Bar in Oslo: For a more cultured and sober crowd, you can visit the Library Bar. The interior of the bar is done with polished wooden surfaces and leather-bound books. You may notice a piano, which is quietly placed at a corner.

  • The Fincken in Bergen: This is one of the hotspots for gay in the city. If you are in a mood to party, this place is right for you. You can enjoy a friendly crowd and vibrant atmosphere in this gay club.

  • Zachen Piano Bar in Bergen: This is one of the best piano bars in Norway. The interior is amazing with some wonderful view of fjord. You can find visitors of all age group in this bar. Listen to karaoke and great live piano music at this bar.

  • Metro Bar & Metro Lounge in berger: This bar is located at the heart of the city. This bar is hugely popular among the younger crowd. If you want to see the colors of nightlife in Norway, this club is a must-visit for you.

  • Dyvekes Vinkjellar in Bergen: This nightclub is one of the most high-class clubs in the country. If you are looking for a place, where there is less partying with elite crowd, this club should be your pick. This nightclub offers a medieval interior as well as a wonderful outdoor terrace.