Romantic vacations in Norway

Norway is a place with beautiful scenic landscape and magnificent natural wonders. The spell bounding mountain ranges to the grand beaches; the lush greenery of forests to the glacial terrains; the beautiful light effects in northern Norway to the plateaus of other parts. Romantic vacations in Norway are beautiful and special, the memories of which, you will treasure throughout your life.

Romantic holiday in Norway

The quiet mountain peaks, the fjords and the turbulent waterfalls sets the stage for romantic vacations in Norway. Laze around the beaches at Trondelang with your loved one or view the remnants of receding glacier along the coastlines at Fjordland and fjord county of Bergen. Northern Norway affords ample options for honeymooning- the land of the midnight sun is beautiful during the winter when the Aurora Borealis casts magical lights across the sky for long hours.

These natural lighting effects are a classic setting for romantic vacations in Norway.

Going for scuba diving is a very romantic alternative that you can enjoy if you are honeymooning or just taking a vacation together after a long time. Cruising through the coastlines is a very romantic thing that can be done with the Coastal Express Voyage. Picnicking in the wooded areas or just enjoying the natural resources of the place are some things that you can do together. Strolling through the quiet beaches or the fjord area are some other alternatives of romantic vacations in Norway.

Fjaerland Valley is one of the key romantic spots to visit in Norway- the largest mountain of the country, the Jostedal glacier and a quaint village are some of the romantic settings of this place. Against the romantic backdrop of history and music is Bergen and the west coast of Norway. If you are really adventurous then the chilly north pole region and the warm hotel rooms at the place sets the stage for a romantic holiday at Norway.

Romantic hotels in Norway

The Norway romantic vacations are complimented by the number of romantic and honeymoon hotels offering attractive packages to couples. You will feel the breeze of romance as you take in the settings and the facilities that is offered by these hotels. Special discount packages, couple massages and breathtaking views from the honeymoon suite are some of the highlights of these hotels. Hotel Mundal, Bjornafjord, Svalbard polar Hotel are some of the names of the romantic hotels of Norway.