Shopping in Norway

Norway is a popular tourist destination in Europe. During your staying in this country, there are a number of things to do in Norway. Shopping in Norway is one of them. Norway is always a special destination for shopaholic. But there are some items, which you must buy during your visit to Norway, because they contain the true essence of the Norwegian culture and tradition.

Most popular shopping list in Norway

  • Knitted Norwegian sweater: This bears the true tradition of the country, because knitting is one of the major tradition in Norway. During your visit, you must buy one piece of knitted authentic sweater.

  • Swiss watches: You can find some exclusive range of Swiss watches in Norway in a cheap rate. Do not worry about their authenticity, as they are guaranteed genuine. You will find it more feasible to buy a Swiss watch from Norway.

  • Norwegian jewelry: Goldsmith traditions, which originated in Norway, has set a different standard for jewelry design. These jewelries are dispatched in the market, after a high-level quality check. So, you can be sure of its quality.

Apart from these, there are a number of items, which you can buy from the shopping centers in Norway. These items include trolls, porcelain, silverware, pewter, hand-painted wooden articles, reindeer and goat skins, glassware, furs, and ceramics. Given below are some popular shopping destinations in Norway:

  • Oslo City: This is one of the biggest shopping centers in the city as well as in the country. On an average, more than 50,000 shopping enthusiast visit this place everyday. The shopping complex has 93 stores on its five floors.

  • Sandvika Storsenter: Sandvika Storsenter is one of the best malls, located in Sandvika, which take a few minutes drive from Oslo. As considered as the largest mall in the city, this mall has 190 stores in totality.

  • Ski Storsenter: Ski Storsenter is a posh shopping mall, located in Sk, which is a county in Akershus. A lot of tourists visit the mall everyday. This shopping consists of 145 stores on its three floors. Olav Thon owns both Sandvika Storsenter and Ski Storsenter.

  • Storo Storsenter: Storo Storsenter shopping center is located in Oslo, the capital of Norway. This mall has 61 stores on three floors. You can easily get there if you reach Ring 3 or Storo Station, because it is located right beside these landmarks.

  • Lagunen Storsenter: One of the largest shopping complexes in Norway, this mall is located in Bergen. This shopping center has 135 stores. The mall has an annual turnover of 2,540 billion Norwegian kroner.

These are some of the major shopping centers in Norway. You can enjoy staying in Norway more if you indulge in shopping in Norway. It is a fun experience for all age groups. Wish you a fun shopping in Norway!