Sightseeing in Norway

Norway is a wonderful place to visit during your Europe holiday. If the summers are perfect for nature holidays, the winters are apt for adventure holidays. Norwegian valleys are exceptionally appealing for their unspoiled earthy vistas. Haven for hikers and bikers, Norway is always famous for fjords, waterfalls, beaches, and mountains, apart from plenty of cultural sites. If you want to undertake sightseeing in Norway, you must consider the below mentioned spots. Read on�

  • Medieval wooden churches: Norway houses 28 wooden medieval churches. So, while sightseeing in Norway, you must visit at least one of those rare churches in the world. Most of the churches are located across the southern part of the nation. The Urnes Stave Church, the oldest church is listed by the UNESCO World Heritage.

  • Historic sites of Fredrikstad: While you are in Norway, do not forget to visit the Gamlebyen in Fredrikstad. Gamlebyen in Fredrikstad is the best and well preserved fortress. If you go there, also visit Hvaler archipelago, which is a heaven for summer holidays. Hvaler archipelago consists of many small islands and also houses first marine national park of the country.

  • Waterfalls in Norway: V�ringsfossen waterfall is a must visit, if you are in Norway. This waterfall is one of the best and most-visited waterfalls in the country. This waterfall is located between Oslo and Bergen, and is accessible from both the cities. Mardalsfossen waterfall, which is also a very famous in Norway, offers the longest drop in the entire northern Europe.

  • R�ros: Amomg all the mountains in the country, R�ros is one mountain, which offers beautiful and most amazing skyline views. If you roam around the mountain, you can visit the wooden church, the Old Town, and the Mining Museum.

  • Cruise trips in Norway: While doing sightseeing in Norway, one should not miss cruise trips in Norway. During the cruise trips, you can enjoy beautiful vistas of the waterfalls and fjords. Cruise tours are being operated from almost all major cities in Norway. If you are an activity enthusiast, you can enjoy mountain walks, fishing, camping, golfing, and polar expeditions during the cruise trip.

  • Museums in Oslo: Oslo is a city of museums. You can find every kind of museums over there. There are nearly 50 museums in the city. Some promote the ancient Norwegian culture while some bears the popular culture of the country. Moreover, you can get free access to all of the museums, if you can get the Oslo Pass. Some popular museums in Oslo are Norsk Folkemuseum, Edvard Munch, Vigeland Museum, Oslo City Museum, Kontiki Museum etc. Apart from museums trips, you also can enjoy some activity tours like Peace Prize laureates, Vikings, fire trucks, and magic tricks.

  • Wildlife safari in Norway: The northern part of the country is famous for its wildlife safaris. If you are around this part, you cannot go withing witnessing it. Some beautiful sights in this region are Kirkenes, Troms�, Trom, The Svalbard Islands, Helgeland, and Alta.