Things to do in Norway

Norway is located in the Northern corner of Europe. If you visit Norway, you can experience a different flavor of the European continent. Norway is a beautiful and picturesque country, which is bounded by Sweden to the east, Finland to the northernmost corner, and Denmark to the south, and Russia to the east. Staying in Norway can be very fun, especially for the activity lovers. If you have two to three days to spend in this country, you can enjoy every bit of it, ranging from the picturesque rail or bus journeys to the serene boat cruises. Do you want to know about the things to do in Norway? Read on…

Major things to do in Norway

  • Skiing and snowboarding in Norway: Norway is a land, where you can find miles and miles of noticeable trails. For this reason, Norway is a heaven for skiing and snowboarding. In winter, many tourists visit this place for this reason. It is better to cite here that the Winter Olympics complex at Lillehammer is located near Oslo, the capital of Norway

  • Trip to the mountains: When you are in Norway, you cannot go without seeing the seven mountains. You can undertake a ride to one of the seven hills, which is located at the Hanseatic port of Bergen. You can also visit the historic wooden wharf-side buildings, listed by the UNESCO World Heritage.

  • Lakeside hyttem in Norway: Among all things to do in Norway, you should not miss the lakeside mountain hyttem, if you want to view nature at its best. You can enjoy nature walking as well as fishing there, but be alert about the wildlife there.

  • Romantic coastal journeys in Norway: Norway has a board coastline. You can enjoy the beautiful coastline from the North Cape as well as from the Hurtigruten ships. Explore the midnight beauty from the coastal voyage. You also can take on walking trips across the beaches.

  • Tasting the Tromsø brewery in Norway: During your staying in Norway, do not forget to visit the world renowned Tromsø brewery. Sipping in cocktail in such an enjoyable ambience would be great fun for you. Besides that, you can visit the cathedral, the university, and party at the surroundings of the city of Tromsø.

  • Saint Olav Festival in Norway: Saint Olav Festival… the annual festival celebrates Christianity. This festival takes place in Stiklestad, a city near Trondheim. This is an open air Norwegian festival, which can offer you authentic Norway culture.

  • Hiking in Norway: How about a hiking session in Jostedalsbreen, which is the largest glacier in Europe! Apart form the glacier, there is the national park, where you can enjoy a number of outdoor activities such as Glacier Bus, mountain kayaking etc.

  • Norwegian folk culture: During your stay in Norway, you have to witness some authentic Norwegian folk culture such as dance, songs, and food. In Norske Folkemuseum, you can see a bundle of historic collection, which portrays the history of the great culture.

  • Sami culture of Norway: Apart from the folk culture, Sami culture is also given utmost importance in Norwegian cultural heritage. It is the culture of Sami people, who lives at Várjjat Sámi Musea to the east of Finnmark. You also can stay in Sami tepee to enjoy the authentic Sami culture.