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Wildlife Holidays in Norway

Are you planning for wildlife holidays in Norway? Then before visiting the country, you need to collect some information on the wildlife of Norway. Tourists from all over the world come for spending wildlife holidays in Norway mainly to catch some precious glimpses of Norway's Orcas or Killer Whale. Norway boasts of its spectacular coastline that extends over 21,000 kilometers and marked by a myriad of deep fjords. The country also has large areas of high plateaus, lofty mountains that are separated by deep glacial valleys, and also tracts of coniferous forests dotted with lakes. Norway is an unspoilt country that still retains nature's wilderness. The wide array of flora and fauna in Norway reflect the comparatively harsh environment.

To start with, Norway wildlife holidays pivots around watching Orcas in the sea during the winter months. The Orcas watching season begins from October and lasts till January every year. During this period, large shoal of migratory Herring enters into Tysfjord in Northern Norway and are chased by Orcas family pods. This annual wonder is short-lived and quite brutal in performance since the whales are seen feasting on their hapless prey. But whatever be it, this offers probably the best chance in entire Europe for obtaining close-up views of the Orcas.

Wildlife holidays in Norway comprise many four day Naturetrek holidays during this critical whale watching period. Each of these treks are based at a comfortable hotel situated close to the fjord and include two days of boat excursions of whale watching. A Naturetrek leader will be present in every of these tours along with a vessel skipper who shows his expertise in ensuring that the watchers get the best opportunity for viewing these most impressive marine predators.

Apart from watching whales, wildlife holidays in Norway also include the wide array of flora. The picturesque plateau of Golsfjellet is an attractive area for botanists as well as regular tourists. The Naturetrek group sets out every day for exploring the surrounding woodlands, moorlands and alpine meadows for searching the specialized flowers that grow in these particular places.

Here, the tourists can also encounter an amazing array of birdlife. Regarding accommodation for wildlife holidays in Norway, there are numerous hotels, resorts, lodges and cabins available for offering a comfortable and memorable stay. These accommodations will cater to the needs of every tourist meeting his/her mood, purpose and budget in the best way.

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