Nightlife in Portugal

Nightlife in Portugal is known to be among the most vibrant in Europe, particularly in the capital city of Lisbon. Almost on any week nights, visitors are seen drinking at the various pubs and bar until dawn. At the nightclubs in Portugal you can find just the right music to dance to. Live bands, pole dancing as well as other adult entertainment are an important part of Portugal nightlife. The people of this country have a great passion for late night parties and enjoy the hanging out in the various pubs, clubs and bars spread throughout the city.

While some pubs and night clubs in the country play hard rock, in other places you will find people dancing to the beats of hip hop music. Nightlife in Portugal offers some great entertainment for both locals and tourists alike. So the next time you visit Portugal, don't miss the Portuguese nightlife here. The several clubs and bars, where people can enjoy the nightlife in Portugal include The BBC - Bel�m Bar Caf�, Kadoc, B. Leza Club, Lux, Op Art Caf�, Fluid, Irish & Co, Bar Real Republica de Coimbra, Amuras Bar, Marina de Lagos, Phoenix Night Club, Red Eye Bar, Zanzibar and Eddies Bar. Most of these nightclubs are located in Bairro Alto and Docas waterfront district in Lisbon.

The Bairro Alto is one of the popular places to experience nightlife in Lisbon. This ancient part of the city has developed its own distinctive style over the years, setting it apart from other nightlife zones in Portugal. In a few of nightclubs in Portugal, you can dress in casuals, while there are other places where visitors dress in their party wear. Though mostly the young crowd are seen at the various bars and pubs around the country, some older folks can also been seen at various nightlife joints. You will find some quieter options in many parts of Lisbon.

The vibrant atmosphere of most nightclubs and restaurants makes nightlife in Portugal so popular. Dance the night away at the most hot and happening discotheque or simply enjoy some great live music playing in some of the pubs in Portugal. On special occasions like Christmas and New Years, the night clubs are a lot livelier with people in high spirits and in the mood for enjoying. You can come with your group of friends or with a partner and spend a night out at the most happening nightlife zones in Portugal.