Restaurants in Portugal

Often known as the the 'Sick man of Europe', Portugal has much to offer to any traveler. From history and culture to shopping and beaches, wildlife and adventure sports, contemporary Portugal is a colorful kaleidoscope. Suiting the country's vibrancy, the restaurants in Portugal are also one of the most frequented places by both locals and tourists, offering the widest selection of both Portuguese and international menus. Apart from the replete tourist sites strewn across the cities of Portugal, the restaurants in Portugal is noted worldwide for its blend of spices and aroma in its traditional Portugal cuisine.

A visit to the country, remains almost undiscovered without a taste of the myriad food variety it has to offer. Eating out in Portugal can be real fun. Not only the plush and luxurious restaurants in Portugal, but also the smaller cafes and joints have an interesting variety of gourmet for the tourists.

While the classy restaurants in Portugal are famous for their unique concoction of local and international flavors, the tourist interested in taking a bite of the authentic local dish, and that too, at a pocket friendly rate, can always try the street fare, available in the roads of Lisbon.

For tourists looking for European cuisine or Chinese dishes only, there are many specialty restaurants in Portugal. Some international brands like Barista, McDonalds or Pizza Hut add a new level to the restaurant culture in contemporary Portugal.Apart from the individual restaurants or food joints in Portugal, there are a swarm of big and luxurious resorts which have their on-site restaurants, offering a wide array of delectable dishes for their guests.

Among the popular restaurants in Portugal are Sao Jerenimo, Cafe In, Marisqueira Popular, O Policia, Resraurante Alfaia etc. Restaurant India is an impeccable place for dining in Portugal.Located in the city of Almancil, the interiors of this cozy hotel is neatly and brightly done up. Known for its authentic Indian spread, it is not only visited by tourists, but also by the people of Portugal itself. La Paella is yet another restaurant in Portugal, which is noted for its delectable Spanish platters. There is no dearth of good restaurants offering only authentic Portuguese dishes like Carne de porco a alentejana, Bife � Portuguesa, Barriga de freiras and some great Portuguese soups and salads.