Things to do in Portugal

The 'Sick man of Europe', as Portugal used to be called once, has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for travelers. From history and culture to shopping and beaches, wildlife and adventure sports, contemporary Portugal has a lot to offer. No wonder, the country is at the forefront of tourist arrivals in the region. The arrival of foreign travelers to Portugal has increased substantially in recent years. And this fact is evidence enough that the country has a plenty to enjoy and explore and that there are many things to do in Portugal.

From the historical perspective, Portugal has many spots that are covered under the prestigious World Heritage Sites list. Among the popular things to do in Portugal, a visit to Portugal would be incomplete without visiting the port houses of Porto or Gaia that offers facilities for some of the best wines in the world. In fact, the district of Alto Douro is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoying the spirituality of a popular shrine at Fatima, a venue of major pilgrimage for the Roman Catholics from all parts of the world for many years, is a must see while on a tour of Portugal.

The torchlight processions of 13th May and 13th October each year are very popular here.Cruising along the canals of wetlands around Rio de Aveiro on a traditional Portuguese ship or boating around the place is another attraction that a lot of travelers enjoy. Enjoying a sunbath or taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea, at the exotic beaches of Algarve is among the popular things to do in Portugal. Water and adventure sports are another aspect that one should enjoy during the stint at Portugal, with windsurfing, water skiing and diving being the prominent sports. Fishing along the coast of Algarve is one of the more popular things that even the locals enjoy doing in Portugal.

Hiking, climbing or visiting the forests and national parks all around Portugal provides another opportunity to enjoy the best of nature and hospitality in the country. Golfing is another activity that one should try his hand at while in Portugal.

Enjoying the Portuguese music and culture is something that can keep the traveler captivated for long. The Fado music, the bars and clubs of Lisbon and other towns in Portugal offer many things to do while in Portugal. On the whole, this country offers a multiple opportunities to live life in the best manner, while offering many exciting things to do in Portugal.