Trip to Lisbon

Are you planning for a visit to Portugal in your coming holiday? Then do not forget to make a trip to Lisbon, without which your holiday in Portugal remains incomplete. Lisbon has become the capital city of Potugal since 1256. From 16th century, the city became the nerve center of the country. The city of Lisbon, which is situated by the River Tagus and on the terraced hill slopes, has a temperate climate. You will get bright sunshine even during the winter which will make your journey across the city comfortable and exciting.

Plan your trip to Lisbon during the Easter. If you want to know the tradition and culture of Lisbon, then it is best to visit the place during its festive season. You will be delighted to watch the Carnival of Lisbon, which takes place for six weeks just before Easter. Participate in the dining, drinking, music and dancing and enjoy the traditions of the place. Lisbon is the place of fairs and feasts. If you visit this city in the month of June, you will be able to participate in a large number of local festivals like that of St. Peter, St. Anthony and St. John.

Want to have an idea of history of Lisbon? Then walk around the streets of Alfama and Baixa. Both the places will give you a hint of old Lisbon.

The ancient castles, the marketplace, the old buildings and the warmth with which the local people will receive you will compel you to fall in love with this beautiful city. Visit Monsanto Fort during your trip to Lisbon. You can get a wonderful view of the city from this fort. You can also visit Montes Claros and Alto da Serafina, if you want to get a spectacular view of Lisbon.If you want to witness the the beautiful Manueline architecture of Portugal, then visit Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, which dates back to the 16th century.

Torre de Belem, which is located in the vicinity of Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, also gives an insight to the typical architecture of Portugal.

Lisbon has some finest museums, which throw light on the local art, architecture and also the articles that were used by the people in their daily lives. If you want to get a true picture of Lisbon and Portugal, then you must visit the City Museum, the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Navy Museum and Chiado Museum, during your trip to Lisbon.

So if you still haven't got the tickets for your trip to Lisbon, then immediately go for an online booking and get prepared for an exciting tour.