Wildlife Holidays in Portugal

The forests form an integral part of the wildlife holidays in Portugal. One comes across a great variety of flora and fauna all around in Portugal. A substantial part of the country provides for natural habitation and forests. In fact, travelers and tourists love to move all around the mountains and forest and enjoy one of the most spectacular portrayals of nature. Wildlife holidays in Portugal form an integral part of an every tourist's itinerary. No wonder, wildlife tours in Portugal is part of the many package tours provided by the travel and hospitality companies in this part of the world.

The unique biodiversity that is part of the Portugal's natural habitation makes sure that the traveler has a great time in the country. In fact, official travel figures indicate that a substantial segment of domestic and foreign travelers enjoy wildlife holidays in Portugal. Different kinds of animals and birds can be observed during one of these holidays. The Sumatran Rhinoceros is one of the major animals found in the forests of Portugal. The clouded leopard is also one of the major attractions for those keen on seeing this fierce animal from close quarters. The majestic tiger would surely leave you a bit awestruck.Some of the other types of animals found in the wild forests of Portugal include the likes of bears, lizards, monkeys and many others.

The country boasts of some of the best national parks and wildlife reserves of the world. All those national parks and wildlife reserves are bound to be included in the wildlife excursions in Portugal. Windswept cliffs, dunes and heaths of the west coast to marches and saltpans of the south, Cork Oak forests of the Monchique Hills to the parkland in Alentejo, Portugal offers its rich and diverse wildlife to all.One also has the opportunity to enjoy and explore the best of Portuguese nature by taking a nature trek through this small but beautiful country in south Western Europe.

Flowers, birds to butterflies and nature walks through the forests, camping and hiking, mountain cycling and excursions into the hills and steppes, coastal wetlands to woodlands, Portugal as a country offers an exciting and adventurous opportunity to all those who love and enjoy nature. The country is a paradise for nature lovers. Wildlife holidays in Portugal is a wonderful experience that will make the traveler refreshed, while letting him enjoy the best of the nature and its beauty.