Romantic Getaway in Europe

There is perhaps no other continent that has a more attractive, romantic appeal than Europe. With a plethora of options that feature on every tour operators set list, we have a different take on the holiday options. We have for you a list of six different cities which have a unique quaint charm, and make up for some of the best romantic getaway destinations in Europe. So if looking for a place that is unique and unforgettable then have a look at the places listed below and be ready for a memorable experience with your loved one:

1.  Les Baux, Provence, France:

The village is renowned for its scenic beauty and is regarded as one of the most picturesque villages in the entire country. Located in the region of Provence, the quaint little village has a rather dramatic landscape of rocks and historical ruins, and paints a fantastic medieval picture. The place is ideal for a Romantic holiday that is both short and sweet.

2.  Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Located on the beautiful Amalfi Coast in southern Italy, this magnificent town is set most marvellously between the hills and the sea. Positano is known for the famous boat ride to the Blue Grotto, the drive on the famous Amalfi coast road, and also the beverage "Il Albertissimo" and alcoholic drink native to Positano alone.

3.  Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Volcanic cliffs, white washed buildings that capture your attention, Santorini has the most picture perfect view that seems like it was designed for romantic getaways. This 4,000 year old town should be on your must visit list if you crave the beaches, fabulous Greek food and Romantic accommodations.

4.  Granada, Andalucía, Spain

The world renowned sights of Granada, which have managed to hold on to its old world charm, are one of the most spectacular Romantic Getaway destinations in Europe. The famous Alhambra Palace, and the world renowned Flamenco are the highlights of the place. Indulge yourself in a dinner at Albayzin while the floodlit castle looms at a distance, and rejoice with the distinctly Andalucían custom of free Tapas at bars. Granada is truly a place that you’ll never forget.

5.  Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic:

Cesky Krumlov is perhaps the land what fairy tales are made of. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the place is centred around a castle near the river Vltava, and can be called one of Eastern Europe’s best kept secrets. To avoid the tourists plaguing Prague in hordes, you can head to Cesky Krumlov and admire the architecture and the beauty of the place.

6.  Bruges, Belgium:

There is so much culture afloat is Bruges that makes it one of the primary examples of a perfect blend of history and culture. Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can visit the city, for the romantic boat rides on the canals, or some of the world’s finest Belgian chocolate that you’ll ever taste, Bruges makes up for a fantastic romantic getaway.