Restaurants in San Marino

There are a number of restaurants in San Marino. As San Marino is surrounded by Italy, it can be assumed that San Marino cuisine has a wide influence from Italian cuisine. The restaurants are open until the last served dinner is finished. Restaurants in San Marino have a vibrant nature, which are scattered around the city center as well as the small villages. The city center can offer you sophisticated Italian cuisine; while the villages are the wonderful source of authenticate Italian dishes. One of such villages is Borgo Maggiore, which is famous for its restaurants. You will find a friendly local crowd in the restaurants in Borgo Maggiore.

Popular San Marino dishes:

If you visit the restaurants in San Marino, you should taste some authentic local dishes. Some suggestions are given below:

  • Italian pastas such as tortellini, tagliatelle, ravioli, cannelloni, and lasagna originated from this region. Therefore, you should not miss them.

  • Roasted rabbit is another local dish, which is considered as delicacy. This is a dish, which you can find almost all restaurants and food joints in San Marino.

  • Spaghetti Bolognese, which is made with pancetta and beef, is a popular local dish in San Marino.

  • After the main course, if you want to satisfy your sweet taste buds, you can taste cacciatello and San Marino tart, which are the most famous desserts in this region.

  • San Marino is very famous for wine cellars. You can taste some local wines such as Sangiovese, Biancale, and Muscat with your meal, or you also can sip into Mistra, a local liquor.

The cuisine of San Marino takes a new turn during the gastronomic rituals. The people of San Marino have a lavish dinner during the season. The starters include tagliatelle, ravioli, cappelletti, passatelli, and strozzapreti. After that, the roasted dishes come accompanied with lots of cheese, milk, and red win. The people of San Marino finish the grand dinner with desserts such as bustrengo, ciambella, and caciatello or some also prefer drinking dessert wines such as Moscato and prized Oro dei Goti.

Some popular restaurants in San Marino are:

  • Al Pesce Azzurro
  • Bounty
  • Bar La Loggia
  • Cantinetta del Pellegrino
  • Casa Zanni
  • Club Rockisland
  • Dancing Tre Stelle