Places to see in Scotland

Scotland is a place of immense diversity and that is why as a tourist, you can come across almost 180 major places to see in Scotland. Scotland is such a place where you can perceive the throbbing pulse of history and that's why the main attractions of Scotland are the historical sites, beautiful fortresses and castles. Moreover, among the various places to see in Scotland, you can always visit the important places which are based on various kinds of themes according to the Scottish tradition. Here we are providing you with all the details about places to see in Scotland and the details about all those important sites in Scotland:

  • Blair Castle: The famous Blair Castle is historically considered as the important residing place of the Dukes and Earls of Atholl. Due to the location advantages, this place reflects awesome scenic beauty and attracts innumerable enthusiastic tourists every year. This ancient castle was constructed almost in the 13th century and from that time onwards it remained as a great evidence of the political changes in this place. From the angle of Scottish diplomacy, importance of this place cannot be ignored at all and therefore it is regarded as one of the best places to see in Scotland.

  • Trossachs Pier: This place is regarded as one of the major places of attraction in Scotland and is located on the southern part of the Highlands. If you judge from the angles of art and literature of Scotland, importance of this place cannot be denied at all.

  • Theme Park of Scotland: The Theme park of Scotland is largest in comparison with the others in the nation. In this place you can enjoy various kinds of adventure games, thrilling games and this place also contains a wide range of options for the children too. Definitely, this is one of the best places in Scotland where you can enjoy with your whole family.

  • Deep Sea World: Regarded as one of the most amazing places to see in Scotland, the Deep Sea World provides a lot of entertainment to the tourists. The National Aquarium of Scotland is located in this place only and here you can get a detailed idea about the life beneath the sea which is definitely going to be a unique experience for you.

  • Scotland's Secret Bunker: There is a hidden tunnel beneath a Scottish Farmhouse and this secret tunnel will lead you to Scotland's Secret Bunker. This place spans an area of almost 24,000 square feet and there are two kinds of secret accommodation places within this bunker which is divided into two levels. It is situated at a depth of almost 100 feet underground. Definitely, visiting this place is a thrilling experience and you are going to get great deal of information about Scotland during the famous Scottish Cold War.