Romantic Vacations in Scotland

Romantic vacations in Scotland

Do you have romantic vacations on mind? Then think of opting for one of the romantic vacations in Scotland. Scotland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The rich culture of the country, its natural beauties, the people and the environment have made the country very popular among the tourists. A huge number of tourists visit this country from all the corners of the world every year. As the country has so much to offer to them.

The calm and serene atmosphere, the beautiful nature, wonderful infrastructure and facilities as well as the warm hospitality have made Scotland one of the very popular romantic destinations in Europe. A huge number of people, especially honeymoon couples, from across the world go for romantic vacations in Scotland. If you have just married, or celebrating your anniversaries, or just want to have some romantic breaks from your daily monotonous routine, just go for romantic vacations in Scotland. That could be the experience of your life time.

How to reach?

If you want to go for Romantic vacations in Scotland, your gateways would be either Edinburgh or Glasgow. These are the two air gateways of Scotland. You would find several flights to Scotland from all the major cities of the world. You would find British Airways and BMI flights from London Heathrow to Edinburgh and Glasgow every couple of hours. Therefore, it is very easy to reach Scotland and start your dream vacation.

How to spend your vacation?

Romantic vacations in Scotland means spending quality time with your partner, to be away from the whole world with each other. Only the nature will give company to both of you. You can spend your holiday in Scotland in the way as you like. While spending time with each other, you can also visit the various tourist attractions in Scotland. The beauties of the nature, the Castles, the Whiskey, Haggis and the Highlands, all would make your romantic vacations in Scotland a really memorable one that you would treasure for the rest of your life.


Your Romantic vacations in Scotland would start with Edinburgh. This is a beautiful city to start your special vacation. The culture, heritage, and the environment of the city would definitely attract you. The Edinburgh Castle is a great place to visit in Edinburgh. You can go for a walk with your partner along the Royal Mile and Princes Street. Go for a candle lit dinner at any of the restaurants. You would enjoy the dining experience.

Romantic Highlands

Highlands is one of the most romantic places to visit in Scotland and a major destination for enjoying the romantic vacations in Scotland. The picturesque meadow, streams, the beautiful mountains, the awesome peaks, would really mesmerize you.