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Trip to Skye

Are you planning a tour to Scotland in the near future and want to see the nature at its best without any other disturbances? If so, then the trip to Skye or the trip to the Isle of Skye will be the best thing for you. The Isle of Skye which is popularly known as ‘Skye' is the largest island of the Inner Hebrides in the Scotland. At the same time the island is also situated at the extreme north of the Inner Hebrides. The island is also called Ant Eilan Sgitheanach in the Scottish Gaelic language which means the ‘winged isle'. During the month of April in the year 2007, it became known that the name of the island was changed to Eilan a Cheo which means ‘the Isle of Mist' in a poetic language. But later, the Highland Council declared that no such changes have been made.

The trip to Skye can ensure that you get the best views in the realm of nature. If a fascinating Scotland tour is on your mind, you may make the amazing trip to Skye. You will be surprised to see a rich variety of flora and fauna. Here you can find amazing ridge, Firth. There are some high peaks as well as some lush green valleys that are extended up to the deep blue sea.

The Skye trip in Scotland will also give you the opportunity to see the beauty of the mountains and the plains. The island has the most beautiful as well as the most dramatic mountain terrain in the entire Scotland. You can also get to see the beautiful coastline of the island that is divided into different peninsulas.When you will take a trip to Skye you well get to know the rich heritage of this beautiful island that is reflected through the ancient monuments, castles as well as memorials. There are some rock shelters made by the people of the prehistoric age.

The island also has some archaeological sites. You can also visit the Dunvegan castle which was home for Clan MacLeod.

A nature trip to Skye can give you a great exposure to the amazing scenic beauty for which the land is well known. The island is not only beautiful but also is full of rich variety of birds and animals. There is a huge number of abundant wildlife. Here you can find some of the rarest species of birds as well as animals. You can find different types of eagles like the golden eagle and sea eagle. You can also find the red deer and otter on the island. The best time for a trip to Skye is summer, as during the winter season the weather becomes very cold.

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