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Dining at Serbia

Dining at Serbia is one of the best features of traveling to Serbia. Just like the tourist attractions of the country attract the travelers from worldwide, it is the great cuisines that keep the travelers glued to the country. Food and dining at Serbia form one of the most interesting aspects of Serbia travel and when you are in this country it is very much recommended that you get a taste of the local delicacies of the country which are so famous all over the world. There area several popular restaurants in Serbia which will offer you with the most lip smacking and authentic cuisines from the country.

Again, each city of the country has its own specialty and the foods may vary from one city to the other. But if you are a non veggie then do try out the meat specialties when you go out dining at Serbia. The fish dishes are also very popular here. Table service is normally found in the hotel restaurants in Serbia. However both table service and counter service is available in the bars and cafes of the country. Most of the bars close by 10 -11 p.m.

When your are out dining at Serbia restaurants some of the food items you will find commonly include the Pihtije which is a jellied pork or duck, Cevapcici which is basically minced meat charcoal-grilled, Raznjici which is skewered meat and Sarma or japrak which is a dish where cabbage leaves or vine are stuffed with rice and meat. These are the national specialties of the country. However, when it comes to discuss the national specialties of the country, there are more items to name. These include the Strukli, Alva and Lokum. The strukli is a food item that is made up with plums and nuts that are stuffed into balls of cheese and then boiled.

The Alva is the dish where nuts are crushed and mixed in honey. The Lokum is a Turkish favorite. When you are dining at Serbia, you will realize that the drinks form an important part of the diet of the people here.

Some of the national drinks of the country are Slivovica which is a potent brandy made from plum and the Loza and maraskino which are made of the morello cherries. Amongst the wines, the hot favorites are the Ljutomer, Riesling, Traminer and Vugava. Drinks complete the dining at Serbia. In all the restaurants of Serbia 10 percent tipping is expected.

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