Famous Places in Serbia

Famous places in Serbia will let you plan your holiday and help you to enjoy. Serbia is located in Southern Europe. This place was once a part of Yugoslavia. This beautiful country has many places which you can visit. Serbia is surrounded by Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, and Romania. Let us focus on the Famous places in Serbia which can be visited by you in the next holiday.

This place is mostly visited by tourists during the summer time. Here you can visit the Film Festival and go to the World Etno Music Festival. The lakes, summer resorts, culture buff and the baroque parks attract the tourist mostly. You can also see the monuments which is an added advantage.

Staro Selo
The 19th century church made out of wood and built by Vujica Vulicevic can been seen by the tourists here. The church is Serbia�s National treasure. It is a unique piece of architecture. In the various Famous places in Serbia you will find such old monuments. This piece is a work of art and is considered to be an achievement.

Guca Village
The Trubaci Festival is celebrated in this part of Serbia. This is a musical festival and it occurs every year. Guca is a small village and is happy to organize the Brass music festival every year. The entire ambience of this village is very lively. The authentic Serbian dishes are served here. Lovely orchestras are also arranged at times. Thus Guca Village is one of the most Famous places in Serbia.

The most exciting mountain resorts of Serbia can be found here. At Zlatibor you can visit the historical monuments along with the small towns and villages. This place is compared with Kraljeve Vode. At Tornik and Ribnica you will find the ski resorts. This place is located in the lap of the mountain. So the scenic beauty is worth a mention.

Kapoanik National Park
Just one visit to this National park will not give an everlasting impression. Here you can rent a place and enjoy every corner of the National park. You can find various ski resorts here at the park. The ambience of the park with tall tress and the beautiful sky will give you the most memorable time of your life.

Petrovaradin Fortress
This fort has never been overcome by invaders. This place holds a beautiful museum of historical antique pieces and artifacts. An observatory and planetarium are also placed over here to attract tourists. The modern artifacts can be seen here too. This is also described as one of the best places in Serbia.

This place is famous as the popular spa town. Lots of places to stay are available here. All modern facilities are available at the hotels and spa here. Apartment Borici is the place where you can enjoy the most. Moreover this is a very beautiful place and several visitors come here just for the natural beauty.

Belgrade Zoo
The other name of this zoo is Good Hope Garden and it is situated in the heart of the city. The zoo is like a natural habitat for the animals as they are left without bars here. This zoo also serves as a nursery for animals. More than 2000 animals are kept in this zoo. So this place is a very popular place to be visited.

If history is your favorite subject then you must visit Mediana. Constantine the Great was born in this place. Hence, this place was rich historical background. The ruins of the Naissus era and other luxurious villas are also found over here. The flooring is of marvel and the roman bathrooms are worth seeing.

Skull Tower
952 skulls of Serbian rebel armies are piled together to create this Skull tower. Once you are at Serbia, don�t miss out on this. Against the Ottoman rule they were killed in the 1800 revolution. The skulls are placed one on top of the other. So, this place becomes one of the Famous places in Serbia.

The arrival of the Serbs in the Balkan region during the 7th century made this place called Serbia. This is a very old country. It is also famous by the name of Republic of Serbia. The Ottoman Empire ruled over Serbia. Hence this place has the ruins of history. This place is ideal for travel and tourism. Thus every year lots of tourist visit this place. During summer the travelers get more attracted to this place. The people of Serbia always welcome their guest in a warm way. The spas and resorts of Sokobanja, Ni�ka Banja and Vrnjacka Banja make the place all the more attractive. The climate of this place is supported by cold winters and hot summers. The summers are humid too. However here you will get equal distribution of rainfall. So, your next holiday plan for Serbia and visit the Famous places in Serbia to make your holiday remarkable.